Glossary of AP NSL Ch. 1

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Authority given by law, public opinion, or constitution
direct democracy
when decisions are made by citizens by ballot or at an assembly
puralist theory
the political process isn't dominated by one group but by political resources, money, prestige, expertise, organizational position, and acess to mass media
bureaucratic theory
that bureaucrats, appointed officials who operate government agencies daily hold the power.
power elite theory
that a nongovernmental elite makes most of the major decisions made up of corporate leaders, top military officers, a few key political leaders, and the media
Marxist Theory
that government is a reflection of the capitalists, workers, farmers and intellectuals under them.
political elite
a group of people who have a disproportionate share of valued resources such as money or political power
the right to use power
a political system where the people indirectly or directly rule.
representative democracy
a form of government where voters elect individuals to represent their interests.

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