Glossary of AP Euro Test Study

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"Rebirth" and Individualism
Georgio Vasari and others believed that the Greek and Roman classics should be credited for the Rennaissance. Individualists sought personal recognition for their achievements.
Northern Renaissance
It was more religious than the Italian and came about after the Italian (revival of Greek). The printing press spread new ideas.
Ciompi Revolt
Florence, 1378-the "popolo" rebelled against political and social orders. The poor achieved a temporary period of control.
Medici Family
Wealthy banking family which dominated Florence and Venice and eventually became dukes.
Program of study based on what classical students might have studied.
Francesco Petrarch
He studied literary classics. Known as the "father of humanism".
"Dark Ages"
The cultural decline that followed the fall of the Roman empire. Phrase was coined be Petrarch.
Important politician and philosopher who wrote on the fall of the Roman empire.
Ancient Greek philosopher admired by the renaissance time. Believed that anyone can train the mind to"realize beauty beyond the senses".
Virginia Woolf-"A Room of One's Own"
Disagreed that women should be inferior to men. Believed that women would have to isolate themselves from men in order for their abilities to be appreciated.

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