Glossary of AP English 11 (set 3)

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begging the question
taking for granted or assuming the truth of the argument in question
doubtful authority
bad resources or credibility
either/or reasoning
creating an argument w/o middle ground
false analogy
a questionable comparison
an inference or conclusion that does not follow the premises or evidence
to cause distortion or error by extreme simplification of a subject
interrupted (sentence structure)
to break the continuity or uniformity of a sentence
inverted (sentence order)
to reverse the position, order, or condition of
a rhetorical inversion of the second of two parallel structures
a command
a question
a statement
an exclamation
When is the ap test? ( i need to fill in two more questions!!)
On monday. be in at the north entrance at like 7 45 i think; breakfast at 7 in ms allens room!
Who wrote the great gatsby?
F.Scott Fitzgerald

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