Glossary of ABeka Science 6 Vocabulary Chap 2.5

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a plant that lives for one year only
annual rings
the rings on the inside of a tree's trunk that indicate the age of the tree
a plant that lives for two years
bristlecone pine
a conifer with a long life span that endures great heights and rigid environments; some are believed by scientists to be the oldest living things on earth
a plant having broad, flat leaves; most are flowering, seed -producing plants
a knobby structure at the tip of a stem that produces growth
California redwood
the tallest tree in the world, measuring 350 feet in height
cambium layer
the part of the tree where new bark and new wood are formed
shedding leaves annually, usually in the fall
a scientist who studies trees
Dutch elm disease
a disease carried by two kinds of beetles that live within the bark of the American elm tree
a group of tall broadleaf shade trees haveing tooth-edged leaves
giant sequoia
a 300-foot-tall conifer belonging to the redwood family; the largest of all trees
removing a ring of bark from the trunk of a tree
a cone-bearing tree
a tree, usually a broadleaf, having very hard and durable wood that can be used for building purposes
David Livingstone
(1813-1873) A missionary explorer whose explorations of Africa opened the continent to European commerce and trade
a group of broadleaf trees having toothed leaves with three to five lobes
a group of broadleaf hardwood tres characterized by thick, wide-spreading branches and acorns
a plant that adds to its growth each year and grows for many years
the fluid circulating in plants, especially woody plants, that carries water and food to the tissues
seed cone
the cone of a conifer that contains the ovules to be pollinated
a type of sugar converted from starch in some plants
the process of producing maple syrup and sugar
a large family of trees and shrubs that usually grow near water; characterized by slender branches and narrow leaves; has soft wood that bends easily
pollen cones
the cones of a conifer that contain the pollen grains needed for pollination
needlelike leaf
a type of leaf found on evergreen trees; called needles
scaly leaves
a flat layer of very small leaves that covers a branchlet and stays green all year; called scales
having green leaves all year
the largest family of cone-bearing trees; including evergreens, spruces, firs, Douglas firs, hemlocks, and larches
a family of plants characterized by scaly leaves, such as cedars and junipers
of trees, a humped root of a swamp tree, such as the baldcypress, that projects out of the water
the leaf of a fern
a flowering plant having two cotyledons, petals in multiples of four or five, leaves that are ussually broad and flat, and taproots
a flowering plant characterized by seeds having one cotyledon, petals in mulitples of three, leaves with parallel veins, and fibrous roots

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