Glossary of ABeka Lit 7 - Chap. 2, p. 112 - 115 A secret for Two.

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What was the title for this story?
A secret for two
Who was the author of this story?
Quentin Reynolds: (1909-1965) a journalist, sports writer, and an author, has written on a variety of subjects, including the Wright brothers, World War II, and the FBI
What is the theme of this story?
We usually think of friendship as a human relationship, however the story of Pierre and his horse is an example of a friendship between a person and an animal
What was Pierre like?
1. Kind
2. Secretive
3. Milk man
4. didn't like to read
5. Blind
What was St. Joseph like?
1. Careing
2. reliable
3. Trust worthy
4. Sturdy
5. Horse
6. Secretive
What does Culdesac mean?
dead end street
What does Bon jour, vieil ami mean?
Good morning, old friend
What does Avance, mon ami
forward my friend
What does Gout mean?
a painful disease of the joints
What does mais oui mean?
Yes, definetly
What does Au voir mean?
good bye
What does Monsieur mean?
sir, or minster

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