Glossary of ABeka Lit 7 - Chap. 1, p. 35-44 - Keeping House

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(p.44) Who was the author of this story?
Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) Born in a log cabin in Wisconsin. Then her family settled in in Minnesota and Kansas for a little bit. Then moved to the Dakota Territory permanently. Where she meet her husband Almanzo of Farmer Boy, from which this story was taken. Then moved to Missouri Ozarks where they raised there daughter rose.
(p.35) What is the title of this story?
Keeping House
(p.35) What is the theme of this story?
Children's responsiblity of keeping the house up while mom and dad are gone.
(p.35) What is the setting for this story?
The family's farm
(p.35) Who is Eliza Jane?
1. the oldest daughter.
2. the one put in charge of everything and everyone.
3. the one with the most responsibilty.
4. the one helping her brother out of his problem.
(p.35) Who is Royal?
1. the oldest son.
2. the disiplener.
3. the one with the suggestions of stuff to do that was not getting any work done.
3. the one that made all the wrong ideahs sound okay to do.
(p.37) Who was almanzo?
1. The youngest boy.
2. The trouble maker.
3. Disobediant
(p.37) Who was alice?
1. the youngest daughter.
2. the happy one
3. the helper with wrong or right.
(p.41) What does stove blacking mean?
a black polish as for shoes
(p.40) what does haircloth mean?
a cloth woven from horsehair or camel's hair used mainly for covering furniture

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