Glossary of ABeka Lit 11 - Chapter 1-2

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George Caleb Bingham
an artist and public office holder who painted "Daniel Boone Escorting a Band of Pioneers into the Western Country
"Essa on the Muel"
Author: Josh Billings, pen name of Henry W. Shaw
Setting: -
Theme: using regional dialect, the author describes a muel from an owner's point of view
Henry W. Shaw
he used the pen name, Josh Billings; a popular newpaper humorist, lecturer, and author of several books; his writings use cacography (humorous misspellings)
William Sidney Mount
painter of "Eel Spearing at Setauket"
"The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"
Author: Samuel Langhorn Clemens, who used the pen name Mark Twain
Setting: Angel's Camp
Theme: it shows what happens when you get addicted to betting and gambling, it can fire back at you
the conversation between characters
the arrangement of incidents or evetns which can usually be divided into a begining, middle, and end
"Reflections on American Life: A Collection of Sayings"
Author: Will Rogers
Setting: -
Theme: -
Will Rogers
part Cherokee Indian, he was born in Oologah, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) and was named after his father, Chief William Penn Adair
"The Unicorn in the Garden"
Author: James Thurber
Setting: once upon a sunny day
James Thurber
one of America's best-known humorists
surprise ending
is the unexpected twist at the end of the story which goes contrary to the reader's expectations
Charles Wilson Peale
one of America's first great artists who painted "Exhuming the First American Mastodon"
"They Have Yarns"
Author: Carl Sandburg
Setting: All over America
Theme: a humorous poem that uses tall tales as the theme
Free verse
verse that does not have a metrical pattern
the correspondence of sounds
the regular recurrence of sounds
end rhyme
the repetition of the accented or stressed vowel sound and all succeeding sounds in words which come at the ends of lines of poetry
a type of approximate rhyme in which initial consonant sounds are the same
the repetition of final consonant sounds
the repetition of vowel sounds
using words which sound like what they mean
Carl Sandburg
an author who is best known for his biography of his hero, Abraham Lincoln
"The Devil and Tom Walker"
Author: Washington Irving
Setting: A few miles from Boston in Massachusetts and several miles into the interior of the country from Charles Bay
Theme: the theme of this story is really a lesson on never making deals with the devil, because it will always catch up with you. It is just a matter of time
John Quidor
painter of "The Devil and Tom Walker"; he used literary works as the inspiration for many of his paintings
Washington Irving
the first American writer to become famous throughout the world
"Woman's Rights"
Author: Artemus Ward, pen name of Charles Farrar Browne, who was one of teh leading American humorists of the nineteenth century
Setting: America
Theme: Women's rights
"America for Me"
Author: Henry Van Dyke
Setting: America
Theme: there may be all these other great countries, but America is the country for him
"American Names"
Author: Stephen Vincent Benét
Setting: America
Theme: the narrator loves American names like Deadwood, etc. and his heart will always be at Wounded Knee
Thomas Hart Benton
Muralist of "Independence and the Opening of the West"; he painted characters from the small towns and scenes of rural life in the South and Midwest; as a painter and muralist, he wanted to show everyday events and depict the lives of ordinary people in America
"What Is an American?"
Author: Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur
Setting: America
Theme: In this short story, the author tries to depict and descripe an American really is
"America Was Schoolmasters"
Author: Robert P. Tristram Coffin
Setting: American colonial schools
Theme: In this poem, the author describes what America was like when children were taught morals and manners
"A Creed for Americans"
Author: Stephen Vincent Benét
Setting: America
Theme: What Americans stand for and believe
Norman Rockwell
America's most beloved illustrator who painted "Freedom of Speech"
"I Like Americans"
Author: Nancy Boyd
Setting: -
Theme: All the other peoples of countries are nice, but the author's favorite is the Americans
Maurice Prendergast
one of the first American painters to use the city for a subject; the painter of "The Mall-Central Park"
"A Jingle of Words"
Author: Elizabeth Scott Stam, a missionary and writer
Setting: -
Theme: How many different and unique words there are in the American language
"Liberty and Union"
Author: Daniel Webster, a Christian statesman and brilliant orator
Setting: -
Theme: the preservation of the Union and how liberty and union are one and the same
Grant Wood
painter of "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere"
"The Gift Outright"
Author: Robert Frost, considered to be the best Modern American poet
Setting: America
Theme: America was and is a gift to us Americans
"The Portland Declaration"
Author: Erik von kuehnelt-Leddihn
Setting: Portland, Oregon
Theme: this essay seeks to counteract the philosophies of totalitarianism, socialism, tyranny, caste societies, "classless" societies, etc.
"The Nation and the Gospel"
Author: James Russell Lowell
Setting: -
Theme: America would not be the great and free nation it is today if it wasn't for the founding fathers belief in the Christian faith
James Russell Lowell
a nineteenth century romantic poet, essayist, and leterary critic. He also held the position of professor of modern languages at Harvard University.
Joseph P. Hidley
a woodcarver, taxidermist, and self-taught folk painter from Poestenkill, New York; painter of "Poestinkill, New York"

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