Glossary of ABeka History 11 - Chapter 3 - Section 4 Review (p. 62) and Section 5 Review (p.

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Name four distinguished colonial portrait painters.
John Singleton Copley, Benjamin West, Gilbert stuart, Charles Wilson Peale
Who was the first professional musician born in America?
William Billings
What group provided colonial America with some of its most notable music?
Define "deism."
a religion that claims that God created the universe and then abandoned it to operate purely by natural law, and that God left man to take care of himself through his own intellect.
Whose research enabled English astronomers to measure the earth's distance from the sun?
John Winthrop IV
What astronomer successfully predicted an eclipse in 1789?
Benjamin Banneker
Who helped introduce the smallpox vaccine in America?
Cotton Mather
Who blazed a trail that later became known as the Wilderness Road?
Daniel Boone
What connected larger cities, enabling mail to be carried more easily?
post roads
Name three kinds of colonial recreation.
quilting bees, cornhuskings, and barn-raisings

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