Glossary of ABeka History 11 - Chapter 2 - Section 5 Review (p. 50)

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What was considered to be the first written constitution in America?
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Name the first settlement in Rhode Island.
Contrast the relationship between church and state in the colonies of Massachusetts Bay and Rhode Island.
The church dominated the state in Massachusetts Bay; in Rhode Island, civil government was not permitted to interfere in religious affairs, and the church was not permitted to use civil force to promote religion.
What book did Roger Williams publish about the Indian language?
Key into the Language of America
What denomination played a large role in the establishment of Rhode Island and its system of government?
What colonies were included in the New England Confederation?
Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven.
What was the greatest triumph of the New England Confederation?
putting down a fierce Indian uprising during King Philip's War
Name the organization under which teh New England colonies, New York, and New Jersey were united in the 1680's.
Dominion of New England

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