Glossary of 9th grade health unit one

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Definitons of Wellness, Fitness and Health
Wellness- is the general category, has the six dimensions in it
Fitness- ability to perform tasks
Health- mental and physical wellness
six dimensions of wellness
Examples of Physical
eating well
excercising well
making good decisons
avoiding bad habits
self esteem
satifying relationships
able to share feelings
satisfying relationships
good communication
cultivation a support network
concerned about the planet
openness to new ideas
capacity to think
questioning and thinking critically
religion and your own beliefs
Wellness enhancing behaviors
Take an Active role in your health- ask questions and get answers
Manage Stress
Maintain good self esteem
Maintain a healthy weight, excercise daily
Understand your sexuality
Avoid alcohol and other drugs
Understand the Health Care system
Know treatment stragies
Know about diseases and injuries and how to protect yourself
Understand the aging and grieving process
Understand how your environment affects your health
Differences between the health concers in 1930s and now
1930s- polio, chichen pox, flu, malaria, things caused by bacteria
Now-Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease, diabetes, suicidal deaths
List of factors that affect your health
social conditions
environmental conditions
access to health care
lifestyle choices
objectives of Healthy People 2010
to increase the quality of life
increase life expectancy
Eliminate health disparities- healthcare, money, age proximity to health care
Health education
Heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents- trying to eliminate the four causes of death b/c we can all prevent these
evaluating health care info
-Go to the Original Source- see if the author retold the article well
-Watch for misleading language- some of the words are hype
Distinguish between research reports and public health advice
Public health advice- government, can count on this advice
Research reports- based on these, anyone can do these, how big was it, how long was it, who did them like the freshman class or a doctor
-Remember that anecdotes are not facts- Advice from family or friends,
-Be skeptical, and use your common sense
-Make choices that are right for you- Don’t depend on other people’s goals
Info on Surgeon General
-Head of the service commission corps
-To teach the public about health and issues health warnings,
Info on WHO
-Monitor diseases like AIDS and SARS
-Continuing to find a vaccine for malaria and polio
-Conducts research to find out about certain health controversies
info for Center for Disease Control
-Try to promote and prevent disease, injury and disability
-Increase life spans,
-Prepare people in communities from infectious, environmental and terrorist threats
info for Healthy People 2010
-Improve peoples’ lives and life expectancy
-Reduce number of cancer cases and promote health of people with diseases and reduce food borne illnesses

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