Glossary of 9th Honors Biology FInal

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"Universal Donor"
O +
"Universal recipient"
specifically designed to kill Antigens
Blood type "A" has
A- Antigen
B- Antibody
Blood type "B" has
-- Antigen
-- Antibody
B- Antigen
A- Antibody
Blood type "AB" has
-- Antigen
-- Anibody
A and B- Antigen
NO Antibodies
Blood type "O" has
-- Antigen
-- Antibody
NO Antigens

A and B - Antibodies
Define Induction
The gene is normally on, but is turned on by repressor protein
Define repression
Gene normally turned on, but is turned off
Define Mutation
change in genetic material of cell
3 types of Point Mutations
(changes reading frames)
1. Insertion
2. Deletion
3. Substitution
What are some causes of Point Mutations?
Ionizing radiation (x- rays, Outer space)
Non- Ionizing radiation (Ultraviolet light)
chemically linked to cancer

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