Glossary of 5th Science CRT - Plants and Seeds

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a type of seed;

an angiosperm with two cotyledons in each seed;
a type of seed;

an angiosperm with one cotyledon in each seed
the sprouting of a seed into a new plant;

when a seed starts to grow into a new plant
the part of the plant that absorbs water and minerals from the soil and sends them to other parts of the plant;

helps hold the plant in the ground;

stores food for the plant
when the shoot grows above ground, it grows a ____________ stem;

when the soot grows below ground, it grows a ___________ stem

the loss of water through a plant's leaves, which draws water up through the plant to replace it
a green chemical in plant cells that allows plants to use the Sun's energy for making food
What do plants need to make their own food?

_______, _______, and _______
water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide
the food-making process in green plants that uses sunlight
Why are plants important to the environment?
Plants release oxygen for animals to breathe. Plants also provide food for animals.
The process of obtaining and using oxygen in the body.

The release of energy in plants from food (sugar).
Plants give off _______________ into the air.

A product of photosynthesis.
the transfer of a pollen grain to the egg-producing part of a plant
a undeveloped plant with stored food sealed in a protective covering;

what is formed when pollination and fertilization occur
the part of the flower that is brightly colored and lets off a sweet smell which attracts insects;

(in turn this helps to insure pollination of new plants)
Name the two general categories of trees.
broad-leafed and conifers
Name three ways in which seeds travel.


What is the importance of seed dispersal (spreading them out)?
Dispersal of a seed carries the new seed away from the parent or any other competing plants to insure the successful development of the offspring (new plants).
Name and explain 2 reasons why plants are important.
Plants give off oxygen that animals and humans need to live.

Plants provide food for animals and humans.

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