Glossary of 5th Grade Science: Ch2

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Each time you breathe, you take part in the worldwide __________.
Carbon dioxide/Oxygen cycle
What do you take in as you inhale?
Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor
The use of oxygen to break down carbon compounds is called ____ __________.
Cell respiration
Algae are __________ that carry out photosynthesis.
The ocean cts as a storage site for carbon dioxide and oxygen. Some ocean organisms use carbon and oxygen, along with calcium to make ______.
Without a delecate balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen, organizms could not ______.
Carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle through ocean ___________ too.
What is a major part of the carbon dioxide -- oxygen cycle?
What is a waste product of cell respiration?
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide is released into the water as a __________ _______________.
Waste product

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