Glossary of 4th and 5th declension-jenny (rp)2006

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bad fruit

nom. pl.
fructus mali
beautiful smile

nom. sing
risus pulcher
fierce barking

dat. pl.
latratibus ferocibus
holy trust

dat. sing.
fidei sacrae
good home

acc. sing.
domum bonam
long day

acc. pl.
dies longos
much heat

gen. sing.
aestus multi
new hope

acc. pl.
spes novas
pleasing sight

gen. pl.
specierum laetarum
unconscious attack

abl. sing.
impetu exanimo
quick pace

gen. pl.
passuum celerium
sacred thing

abl. sing.
re sacra
unfriendly advantage

dat. sing.
usui inimico
foolish band of men

abl. pl.
manibus stultis
wretched face

nom. sing.
facies misera

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