Glossary of 1st 45 set of words from Summer reading HP6

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To spread here and there; scatter: strewing flowers down the aisle. To be or become dispersed over (a surface).
To spread (something) over a wide area; disseminate.
Menacing; threatening: ominous black clouds; ominous rumblings of discontent.
Of or being an omen, especially an evil one.
To cause to become real or actual: By building the house, we materialized a dream.
To cause to become materialistic:
An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging, cutting, or blasting.
A cobblestone
Having fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration, as through neglect; broken-down and shabby.
Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic.
A removable or hinged cover for a hollow receptacle or box.
An eyelid.
Biology. A flaplike covering, such as an operculum.
A curb, restraint, or limit: approved a new lid on corporate spending.
Informal. An act of concealment; a cover: told us to keep a lid on the report until the campaign was over.
Slang. A hat.
Slang. An ounce of marijuana.
To disturb the composure or calm of; perturb.
To put into a state of disorder.
To make uneasy or perplexed; disconcert. See Synonyms at embarrass.
To thwart the plans of; frustrate.
Archaic. To defeat in battle; vanquish
Impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses: an imperceptible drop in temperature.
So subtle, slight, or gradual as to be barely perceptible: an imperceptible nod.
To delay, hinder, or prevent by taking precautionary measures beforehand..
To deal with or think of beforehand; anticipate.
To prevent or hinder normal sales in (a market) by buying up merchandise, discouraging persons from bringing their goods to market, or encouraging an increase in prices in goods already on sale.
To speak or shout derisively; mock.
Of, relating to, or occurring at the beginning; first: took the initial step toward peace.
Designating the first letter or letters of a word.
To one side; awry: rugs lying askew.
A heavy, stale atmosphere, especially the musty air of an overcrowded or poorly ventilated room: “In spite of the open windows the stench had become a reeking fug” (Colleen McCullough).
Superficial or piecemeal knowledge: “a smattering of everything, and a knowledge of nothing” (Charles Dickens).
A small, scattered amount or number: a smattering of raindrops.
Until this time: The weather, which had hitherto been sunny and mild, suddenly turned cold.
To make a hole in or through, with or as if with a drill.
To form (a tunnel, for example) by drilling, digging, or burrowing
To bring heavy destruction on; devastate: A tornado ravaged the town.
To pillage; sack: Enemy soldiers ravaged the village.
The outer or the topmost boundary of an object.
A material layer constituting such a boundary.
The boundary of a three-dimensional figure.
The two-dimensional locus of points located in three-dimensional space.
A portion of space having length and breadth but no thickness.
The superficial or external aspect: “a flamboyant, powerful confidence man who lives entirely on the surface of experience” (Frank Conroy).
An airfoil.
Imposing rigorous standards of performance; severe: stringent safety measures.
Constricted; tight: operating under a stringent time limit.
Characterized by scarcity of money, credit restrictions, or other financial strain: stringent economic policies.
Arrogantly domineering or overbearing. See Synonyms at dictatorial.
Urgent; pressing.
Obsolete. Regal; imperial.
A link, pivot, or other fastening so designed that it permits the free turning of attached parts.
A pivoted support that allows an attached object, such as a chair or gun, to turn in a horizontal plane.
A gun that turns on a pivot.
To adorn (a surface) richly with prominent markings: emblazon a doorway with a coat of arms.
To inscribe (a prominent marking) on a surface: emblazon a cross on a banner.
To make resplendent with brilliant colors.
To make illustrious; celebrate: emblazoning a heroine's deeds in song.
A costume party at which masks are worn; a masked ball. Also called masque.
A costume for such a party or ball.

A disguise or false outward show; a pretense: a masquerade of humility.
An involved scheme; a charade
A written message; a letter
A large wave or swell of water.
A great swell, surge, or undulating mass, as of smoke or sound.
To climb with difficulty, especially on all fours; scramble

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