Glossary of 1001 Most Useful French Words 001

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He obeys in school but at home he is difficult
Il obeit a l'ecole mais a la maison il est difficile
Do you accept the Visa card?
Acceptez-vous la carte Visa?
May I go with you?
Est-ce que je peux vous accompagner?
We agree with you.
Nous sommes d'accord avec vous.
We bought a lot of stamps.
Nous avon achete beacoup de timbres.
His actions disturb me.
Ses action me troublent.
The current president has many enemies.
Le president actuel a beacoup d'ennemis.
The check, please.
L'addition, s'il vous plait.
Good-bye and good luck.
Adieu et bonne chance.
I will give you the address of a good hotel in Aix-en-Provence.
Je te donnerai l'adresse d'un bon hotel a Aix-en-Provence.
The airport is far from city.
L'aeroport est loin de la ville.
It's a complicated matter.
C'est une affaire compliquee.
This company has many business dealings abroad.
Cette compagnie a beacoup d'affaires a l'etranger.
He is always very affectionate with his relatives.
Il est toujours tres affectueux avec les parents.
How old are you?
Quel age as-tu?

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