Glossary of 1-14-98

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What is Gradus ad Parnassum and who created it?
Counterpoint textbook which teaches species counterpoint in the style of Palestrina by Johann Josef Fuchs. Studied by FJ Haydn.
Describe early Haydn symphonies.
In style of early italian opera overtures:3mvmnts, fast-slow-fast; have baroque characteristics like harpsichord continuo part, instrumentation, tutti ritornello, use of binary dance forms.
Who was one of the most famous pupils of Porpora?
Franz Josef Haydn.
How much did Haydn compose?
106 symphonies, 68 string quartets, 60 piano sonatas, 25 operas plus other stuff.
When did Haydn move to Vienna?
Normal symphony structure developed by Haydn?
Which composer laid the groundwork for what Haydn did as a young man?
Who was Porpora?
Italian opera composer who was a teacher of Haydn.
Who was Prince Nicholas Esterhaze?
Hired Haydn in 1761.
Classical period covers what approximate composers deaths?
Death of Bach to death of Beethoven
How does role of musician change in classical period?
Goes from servent to independent contractor.
What city is most associated with the Classic period?
1st great master of classicism.
Franz Josef Haydn.
Dates of Haydn?

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