Glossary of 03 Leviticus

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Leviticus 1  
Offerings: Burnt, Meal, Peace, Sin, and Guilt.  
Leviticus 6  
The administration of offerings.  
Leviticus 8  
Consecration of the priesthood.  
Leviticus 10  
Nadab and Abihu-Strange fire.  
Leviticus 11  
Laws regarding purity and leprosy.  
Leviticus 16  
Laws regarding Atonement. And the use of blood.  
Leviticus 18  
Sanctification for the people, and sexual sins.  
Leviticus 21  
Sanctification of priests, and other laws regarding them.  
Leviticus 23  
Worship-Feasts, Trumpets, Oil for Lamps, Show bread.  
Leviticus 25  
Laws for Land, Years of Jubilee, and Obedience and Disobedience.  
Leviticus 27  
Consecration of People, Animals, Houses, Fields...  

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