Glossary of *Eng Vocab 3

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 Impetus
noun; driving force
 Hiatus
noun; an interruption
 Diffident
adjective; lacking confidence
 Postulate
verb; to assume to be true
 Sanguine
adjective; optimistic
 Sunder
verb; to separate
 Mulct
verb; to defraud
 Apocryphal
adjective; false or doubtful
 Cachet
noun; prestige
 Blandish
verb; to coax
 Pathos
noun; a sense of compassion
 Broach
verb; to bring up in conversation
 Inculcate
verb; to ridicule
 Laconic
adjective; concise
 Gambit
noun a smart move
 Sinecure
noun; an embarrassing situation

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