Glossary of (3rd Year Unit 1) Verb List: Reflexive Verbs

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to wake up
se réveiller
to fall asleep
to go to bed
se coucher
to get up
se lever
to clean up
se laver
to brush...teeth
se brosser les dents
se brosser les cheveux
to dry
se secher
to comb hair
se peigner
to put on makeup
se maquiller
to get dressed
to cut
se couper
to shave
se raser
to ge ready
se préparer
to hurry
se dépécher
to take a walk
se promener
to have fun
to stop
to rest
se reposer
to apologize
to remember
se souvenir de
to be married
se marier
to behave
se conduire

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