Glossary of (2nd Year Unit 7) Verb List: Simple IR Verbs

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to lie
to go out
to leave (in general)
to smell
to sleep
to serve
I sleep
We sleep
Je dors
Nous dormons
You go out
Tu dors
Vous dormez
He/She serves
They serve
Il/Elle sert
Ils/Elles servent
What is the general way to recognize simple IR Verbs?
They're all done at home!
What is the key for putting IR verbs in the Passé Composé?
Drop the "R"
to have lied
" " slept
" " served
" " smelled
avoir menti
" dormi
" servi
" senti
to have gone out
" " left
etre sorti
" parti
What is important to remember about motion verbs?
They take "etre" in Passé Composé and therefore must have endings to match their pronoun. ("Elles" requires an "es", such as "Elles sont sorties")

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