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•Sloughing+ necrosis of epithelial cells form casts
•Tubules are blocked and Obstruction feedback will go back to glmerulus
•This decreases GFR
•Feedback between glomerulus + tubules

ATN (Acute Tubular Necrosis)
Renal tubulo-interstitial diseases
Fibromuscular dysplasia (altered collagen and matrix →thickened wall)
Renal artery stenosis
-the lumen is reduced →generate HTN, can be treated with a stent
-Sound this reduced blood flow will create =

urinated very little
urinalysis: yellow with “dirt”, No blood, +tubules seen
Bp dropped for some reason (usually surgery) transiently
-there are no RBCs or eosinophils or WBCs
-there are cells congesting the tubules

Acute Tubular Necrosis (ATN)
serious complication of urinary tract infections that affect bladder (cystitis or UTI), kidneys and their collecting systems (pyelonephritis- upper), or both
Pyuria – presence of white blood cells in urine

low grade fever (infection) and frequent urination.
RBCs in urine. They look dysmorphic and altered due to the osmolarity.
- There is a prominence of WBCs, so the RBCs are not an issue
-this is therefore an

containing pus in urine
1- Abscesses
2- neutrophils

Acute polynephritis
mixture of aspirin and phenacetin
Papillary Necrosis
DM and pt with UTI
•Pyonephrosis- pus in a kidney
•Perinephric abscess is an extension of suppurative inflammation through renal capsule into perinephric tissue
abscess more on surface

Papillary necrosis
only one that gets bigger with impaired function. May even feel them.
Form Cysts that dilate and pressure on surrounding glomerular tissue interferes with function
Polycystic Kidney Disease
• Kidney tumor specializing in children
• Common presentation in children is abdominal pain and blood in the urine, and a mass that is felt in the abdomen
• In adults with RCC may have a similar presentation

Wilm’s Tumor = Nephroblastoma
HEMORRHAGIC cystitis –bright red hematuria + dysuria; infection
Bladder –


Transmural inflammation of bladder which may be accompanied by mucosal ulcerations (Hunner’s ulcers), focal hemorrhages
Elmiron is only FDA approved medication + mechanism is unknown
Interstitial Cystitis
Nasal congestion, hemoptysis, hematuria
•Symptoms similar to Goodpasture’s

Wegener’s Granulomatosis

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