Glossary of system path dermatology

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these are color changes, flat lesion are called macules, and when they’re bigger than 1cm, then it’s called a patch
Crust – means there’s been an injury to the skin of some sort leaving you with coagulated serum
Eschar. Fissure. Lichenification
Erosion-ulcer. Scar

secondary lesions
these cells branch out from basal cell layer to give color to skin
what is an inflammatory condition caused by direct skin exposure to an offending chemical with or without a requirement for ultraviolet light

contact dermatitis
Type 1 = allergen anaphylaxis – ex. Hives/asthma… IgE
Type 2 = pemphigus/pemphigoid – involve antigen and AB coming together. Antigen is fixed to the tissue and AB is circulating
Type 3 = antigen and AB is circulating. Ex. Drug reaction.

contact dermatitis

Allegic contact dermatitis is a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction (Type IV) caused by a chemical agent

Honey-colored crust on face – stratum corneum is disrupted, causing serum to leak out
Kids are at high risk for getting this. It’s a wet, moist scab, very contagious
Sycosis barbae – impetigo in the beard area
Bullous variant – blisters.



both are manifestations of bacteria that have percolated down into the hair follicle and are causing an infection. The infection is classical, filled with pus.

Furuncles/carbuncles (folliculitis)
folliculitis with

one sinus =
multiple sinus =



harply defined erythema without vesicles (unilateral), tenderness and edema, fever, chills, malaise

Cellulitis (erysipelas)


bright red exanthema; small red dots, severe pharyngitis/stomatitis, fever, malaise, petechiae in body folds (pastia’s sign)

Scarlet fever

When someone has a rash on skin, we call it an _________. When it appears on mouth, we call it _______.



__________ ______ are in the molar area, associated with Stenson’s duct. Not in the pharynx.
Koplik’s spots
white strawberry tongue

scarlet fever
ANUG and Syphilis caused by


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