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What was the maine reasons sumerian city-states went to war?
For water usage, Territory, and Glory
In what modern day country is Mesopotamia located?
What are the six characteristics of a civilization?
1) A system of goverment
2) Regular food suply
3) Specialzation of labor
4) Difrent social levels
5) Highly devolped culture
6) Religiouse system

Where is the fertile cresent, and how did it get its name?
The fertile cresent is located between the persion golf and the medatrainen sea. Good farming and it looks like a cresent
Explane why early civilizations emeregd around rivers (Give at least 2 examples)
Farming conditions were good,helped people travel and trade easyer.
In your opion whic Sumerian invention was the most in portant? Also, Defend your postion with at least to good logical reasons
The iragation system, becasue it reduced the floding of crops and controlled the water system from time to time

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