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theories of sleep function
repair/ replace needed neurotransmitters.
evolutionary theory(lions vs.gazelles)
REM sleep
rapid movement of eyes during sleep.
measurements of sleep
electroculogram (EOG): records eye activity
Electromyogram (EMG): muscle recording
electroencephalogram (EEG): brain activity. very general.

true or false: there are 5 sleep stages
true! stages go through 1-5 then vary as sleep continues.
what order does the sleep cycle take after: stage i(nrem), stage ii(nrem), stage iii(nrem), stage iv(nrem), sage iii(nrem), stage ii(nrem), stage i (nrem), rem(dreaming) ?
any order.
how often is every sleep cycle?
every 90 mins.
later in sleep, dreaming gets longer. dreaming is more common later in the night. if you wake in the middle of the night, stages can be skipped.
sleep (cont.)
sleep talking: occurs in mostly all sleep stages.
sleep walking(somnabulism): usually occurs in stage 3 or 4.
lucid dreamers: can manipulate events in dreams and be conscious.

effects of REM deprivation
REM rebound (the body tries to get back lost REM sleep from loss of REM sleep.)
dreams happen in real timing
someone is more likely to remember a dream if they are woken up right after it.

funtion of dreaming?

pull in more o2 during sleep.

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