Glossary of revolutionary war 5th grade

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What are Allies
People who unite with others for a special purpose, especially in war
What is Boycott
To refuse to do business with or guy goods from another person or country
What is Committees of Correspondence
Committees formed by the colonies to quickly inofrm colonists about important political events
What is Delegate
A representative
What is a Loyalist
An American colonist who supported Great Britain and was loyal to King George III during the American Revolution
What is Militia
A group of volunteers that fought in a part-time army during the American Revolution
What is a Minuteman
A colonist who would be ready to fight the British at a minute's notice
What is a Patriot
An American coloist who supported the fight for independence
What is a Rebel?
To resist the authority of one's government
What is a Repeal
To cancel a law
What is a Republic
A form of government in which the citizens elect representatives to run the country
What is a Traitor
Someone who betrays his/her country
What is a Treaty
An agreement made by negotiation, especially between two states or governments
What is a delegate
A representative

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