Glossary of psy 280 disorders

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criteria for OCD
must occupy more than one hour per day
traumatic conditioning
learned behavior
observational learning
vicarious conditioning
criteria for major depression episode
most of day.
nearly every day for 2 weeks.
5+ symptoms.
depressed/dysphoric mood OR anhedonia (symptom).
4 other symptoms.

manic episode criteria
at least one week.
4+ symptoms including one hypomanic.
3 others.

unipolar mood disorder
depression that are not mood disorders. (grief, postpartum blues).
dsythymia and major depression.
dysthymic disorder criteria
mild to moderate version of depression that lasts a long time.
symptoms must persist at least 2 years.
intermittent normal moods occur briefly.

major depressive disorder criteria
presence of major depressive episode.
never been a manic/mixed/hypomanic episode.
more symptoms and more persistent than dysthymic disorder.

bipolar I criteria
one manic or mixed episode.

bipolar II criteria
includes hypomanic episodes and MDE

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