Glossary of philosophy midterm 1400

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describes the way something is. stating a fact.
the way things ought to be
this is the most common in ethics
morality based on feeling
what is altruism?
doing good just to do good. not receiving any gain from it.
what did thrasymachus believe in?
-survival of the fittest (weakest pushed away)
-justice is power-justice belongs to those who have power
-what did socrates believe?
-was this different than thrasymachus?
-people naturally want to do good.
justice is...
inherently good
justice is not only ---- but ----
extrinsicly good
intrinsicly good.
what does extrinsic mean?
means to an end
what is an intrinsic example?
you like the thing itself or you like doing something without getting any gain from it.
what is divine command theory
-and what is an example?
-morals based on a higher power
-ex. 10 commandments
who is the moral authority in divine command theory?
divine command theory is a form of what theory?
comes from us.
subjective theory
comes from outside of us
objective theory
who came up with deontology?
what is an example of externalities from the video "the corporation"
and why do they perform this action
-dumping waste into a stream
-minimize cost
what is utilitarianism?
most good for the most number of people
who came up with utilitarianism?
jeremy bentham
how do you calculate utilitarianism?
calculate the good and bad consequences
who had different views than bentham about utilitarianism?
john stuart mills
-act utiliarianism:
-rule utilitarianism:
who agreed with bentham and believed in equal consideration?
what is equal consideration?
suffering is equal, pain is equal.
what did regan believe?
we have a duty to pets and children, but in order to matter morally, you must be able to sign a contract
why do children and pets matter according to regan?
because we care about them.

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