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At the end of this session the student will be able to
discuss the principles and strategies of treating IHD - differentiate myocardial oxygen demand and supply issues

discuss the different drug groups used in the treatment of IHD and their mech

these are from the ITO
if you have a bigger demand in the myocardium for o2 than you have a supply of what happens?
angina... a symptomatic manifestation of myocardial ischemia
what is the major underlying cause of classic angina?
coronary atherosclerosis
what is another name of variant angina? and what is the underlying cause?
prinzmetal angina and coronary vasospasm
what is a clinical test of variant/printzmetal angina?
ergonovine provocative test
what are clinical managments of variant angina?
pharmacologic: coronary vasodialators to prevent vasospasm
whta is the major underlying cause of unstable angina? what type of drugs are given?
coronary thrombosis ... thrombolytic drugs

aspirin clopidogrel streptokinase rTPA 9tissue plasminogen activator)

if IVP (intraventricular pressure increases) tension increases or decreases according to la places law?
tension increases
as the radius of the heart increases, the LV wall tension or load on the heart increases or decrease?
an increased tenions or load on the heart like lv wall tension leads to a increase or decrease in myocardial o2 demand?
nitroglycerin increases or decreases the ventricle diameter? icreases or decreases the systolic pressure
decreases both
nitroglycerine increases or decreases heart rate? contractility?
propranolo increases or decreases systolic bp, heart rate, contractility?
decreases all
propranolo increases or decreases ventricle diameter?
what are three primary anti anginal agents?
nitrates nitrites, b blockers, ca channel blockers
ranolazine is a 2ndary antianginal agent. what are some unique features of it?
no change in hr, and no change in bp, preserve tissue atp, and decrease CA overload
nicorandil and fasudil are what kinda drugs?
secondary anti anginal
nitrates and nitrites increase or decrease calcium which leads to what?
decrease calcium concentration and leads to relaxation
cGMP mediated vasorelaxation occurs by what change in intracellular ion concentration
what is the second messenger of NO mediated vasodialation
is NO short or long acting for local or widespread control?
short acting thus mostly fro local control
what is a side effect of NO
how does slidenafil - viagra work
inhib of phosphodiesterase V prolongs cGMP activity and vasodialates and hence prolongs the erection
myocardia precondition is what
Single or multiple brief periods of ischemia result in a marked reduction in myocardial injury (infarction) when the hearts are exposed to a more prolonged period of ischemia
what are the two phases of myocardial preconditioning?
acute and delayed
a pt has been taking an antianginal agent and has a headache, flushing senstaion, postural hypotension due to venous pooling and dizziness. she aslo has methemoglobinemia... what drug caused these adverse side effects?
nitrates and nitrites
why do u use caution when withdrawing from b blockers
upreg of b blocker receptors
what drug primarily decreases myocardial o2 demands among the anti anginal agents?
beta blockers
how do calcium channel blockers work as anti anginal agents?
primarily ca channel blockers work to decrease myocardial o2 demands and increase 02 supply via coronary vasodilatory action
name a class I phenylalkyamine
class II benzothiazepine
name a class II benzothiazepine
name a class II 1,4-dihyropyridine

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