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composer of Pagluchia
Ruggiero Leoncavallo
main characters of Pagluchia

Nedda- Columbia

Tonio- Taddeo

Beppa- Arlecchinro

Silvio- villager

plot of pagluchia
canio the clown catches his wife cheating on him, he uses the clown act to try to get the name of the man she was cheating with, but ends up killing both of them
outcome of pagluchia
Cano kills his wife and her boyfriend.
success or significance of Pagluchia
composer of Carmen
Georges Bizet
main characters of Carmen
carmen, Dan Josey, escamilio
plot of Carmen
Escamilio, a bull fighter, is in love with Carmen. Carmen is secretly married to Dan Josey, Carmen tells Dan Josey that she loves Escamilio and throws his ring on the ground. in a fit of rage Dan Josey, states Carmen in the heart and as she dies, Escamilio, after his latest bullfighting victory, confesses his love to the crowd.
outcome of Carmen
Carmen is killed.
significance of Carmen
composer of Faust
Charles Francois Gounod
plot of Faust
Faust sells his sole to the devil in order to gain youth and the women of the town's affection. Faust chooses Margurite, a local woman. with the help of the devil, Faust gets marguerite pregnant and leaves her for something like the cave of wonders. months later Faust remembers Margurite. when he goes to her she has had her baby and killed it because she couldn't support it and so she went to jail. Faust tries to persuaid her to come with him and the devil but Margurite chooses God over him and is saved.
cast of Faust

the devil


outcome of Faust
Faust goes to Hell and Margurite goes to heaven.
success or significance of Faust
First successful opera of Charles Francois Gounod, and it was written when he was 40
composer of Fidelio
main characters of Fidelio



plot of Fidelio
Florenstine is put in jail (illegally) as a political prisionar, his wife (dressed as a boy with the name of Fidelio) asks for a job at the jail and is accepted. Fidelio keeps her husband alive and when he is sure to be killed Fidelio turns the tables on Don Pizarro and kills him instead
success or significance of Fidelio
outcome of Fidelio
Florenstine and his wife are back together and Don Pizarro is dead
composer of Der Freischutz
main characters of Der Freishutz




plot of Der Freishutz
the devil wants the souls of the huntsmen Casper and samuel. they cast magic bullets for a shooting contest for the heart of Agatha. as the last bullet is fired it hits one of the huntsmen and the other is the winner
ending of Der Freischutz
one of the huntsmen is in hell and the other is mairried to Agatha
success- significance
this opera stopped some from writhing inspired some and even caused 1 heart attack.
Cavalleria Rusticana composer
Pietro Mascagne
cavalleria Rusticana characters



Cavalleria Rusticani plot
two guys fight over one girl Alfio kills Turiddu
ending of cavalleria Rusticana
Alfio is alive
i would say yes because this guy didn't do a-lot but this was good
Tannhauser composer
Tannhauser characters


the Pope

Tannhauser polt
Tannhauser comes down from venusburg to see elizabeth,
tries to get forgiveness from the pope. the pope says 'not until my staff sprouts leaves, Elizabeth dies, Tannhauser mourned over her, the pope's staff sprouts leaves
Tannhauser ending
Tannhauser and elizabth are both dead
Tannhauser signaficance

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