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Non-vascular: Byrophytes
-cant transport food or water, done my osmosis
-small in size, lives in moist envionment
Vascular Plants
-contains a vascular system
Structure of Vascular Plants:
outermost later of cells for protection against infection and physical damage
Structure of Vascular plants:cuticle
-very top layer
Structure of Vascular Plants:epidermis
-under cuticle
Structure of Vascular Plants:roothairs
-extension of root cells
Structure of Vascular Plants: guard cell
-surrounds and controls opening closing the stomata
cells for storage and photosynthesis in leaves
-makes up mesophyll
-pore that allows H2O to transpire and CO2 and O2 out of the plant
Vascular Tisesues
transport water and nutrients
transports water up (transpiration)
-transports sugar and nutrients down (translocation)
Monocot Stem
scattered vascular bundle
Dicot Stem
vascular bundle ordered in a ring fashion
3 functions of the root
-absorb water and nutirents from soil
-anchor plant to ground
-store starch made by photosynthesis

Root Tipes
zone of differentiation-cells are mature and specialized to perform certain tasks
zone of elongation-cells are becoming larder and maturing
apical meristem-rapid mitosis
root cap- densely packed cells that protect the root as it pushed through the soil

-pores in epidermis responsible for the regulation of water and gas movement
-regulated by two guard cells
Stomata Regulation
1. Stomata Closed
guard cells close together because they are flacid

2. Stomata Open
-guard cells are forced apart because they are turgid

Seed Germination
when seed coat bursts due to the absorption of water. it starts a chain of chemical changes
water is added (activates enzymes for cellular respiration), seed are exposed to heat and light(allows chemical energy stored as starch in the seed to be converted to sugar), O2 is available
Seed Dormancy
-The block of the completion of germination of an intact viable seed under favorable conditions
-seed banks are created to ensure all seeds do not germinate for certain years

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