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a person has right to decide what treatment is taken against you whether you want it or not

Right to refuse care

2 requirements
- Capacity
- Not being coerced

Do no harm
moral obligation to take positive and direct steps to help others
treat similar cases the same unless there is a material reason to discriminate

Material reason?
- Deserves to be treated different: American Principles prevail
- Needs to be treated differently:
...Special talents or abilities that make them a vital contributor to society where we need them
...Past discrimination and does it impact their care today
...Misfortune: disability or mental impairment

The conscious cause suit
The law protects physicians for making them do something that they are against morally
uniform parentage act
donor is not the parent

..signed contract
..residence of the child

(varies from state to state)

preemptive imprisonment
Some states allow for up to 9 months of confinement to protect a fetus from abuse
Patient Self Determination Act
Applies to institutions that receive Medicare/Medicaid (Same as those who apply to EMTALA)

provide information on admission about legal rights, documentation, discrimination, compliance (you\'ll do whatever you can to comply with their wishes)

Double-Effect Doctrine
It is wrong to intentionally harm someone (cause death) to produce a good result (relieve from suffering), but it is permissible to do something intended to produce a good result (release from suffering), even if the action leads to unintended but foreseen harm.

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