Glossary of electrochemistry.

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substance that releases or produces ions when dissolved in water.
electrochemical cell
devices that use redox reactions to either produce or use electricity

made of electrical conductors where electrons enter and exit electrochemical cells

Voltaic cell
electrochemical cells that produce electricity as the result of spontaneous redox reactions that realease energy
Electrolytic cell
electrochemical cells that can be used to drive redox reactions (non spontaneous)
Half Cells
One cell corresponds to the oxidation half reaction and one corresponds to the reduction half reaction
electrode at which oxidation occurs
electrode at which reduction occurs
Salt Bridge
contains an electrolytic solution that connects 2 half cells
were charge is +
Cell potential
potential of the cells to move electrons
cell voltage
measurement of cell potential
standard cell potential
evergy released as reaction goes on to the work that is done.
common dry cell
voltaic cell in which the electrolyte is a paste.
adv. low cost...dis adv: not rechargeable, not as strong (volts)
common dry cell
alkaline dry cell
modification of the ordinary dry cell
adv. : longer shelf life, steady voltage, more energy.
dis adv. : more expensive because of structure
alkaline dry cell
Lead Storage Battery
electrodes are composed of alternating sheets of lead and lead dioxide
electrolyte is sulfuric acid
lead storage battery
Nickel - Cadmium Battery
widely used in cordless appliances...cell fone.
Fuel Cell
voltaic cell in which a fuel is continuously supplied from a existing resevar to cell.
efficient at converting chemical energy into electric energy
fuel cell
the process by which electricity is used to bring about a non spontaneous chemical change.
electrolysis of Molten Sodium Chloride
Produces metallic sodium and forms chlorine gas
Electrolysis of Aqueous Sodium Chloride
. na is a spectator ion.

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