Glossary of common cardiac medications

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Smooth muscle relaxant & Vasodilator. Reduces myocardial oxygen consumption& BP.
Epinephrine HCL
Vasopressure, cardiac stimulant. Strengthens myocardio contractions. Increases HR blood flow
Dopamine HCL
Vasopressure,cardiac stimulant corrects hemodynamic imbalances-bradycardia
Dobutamine HCL
cardiac stimulant, increases co, by improving stoke volume c min increase in hr, bp
Vasopressor, dilates cornorary arteries,
Nitroprusside Na+

antihypertensive agent.
peripheral dilation on smooth muscle and arteries Increase hr, & CO lower Diastolic pressure
antithrombotic,blocks leukocyte adhesion and limits thrombine induced inflammation

Ca+ channel blocker
slows conduction through the AV & SA nodes. reduced ventricular rates, Decres. HR, BP,
Isuprel HCl
cardiac stimulator, Increases co, coronary flow and venous return, relaxes smooth arterial muscle
Lidocaine HCl
decreases ventricular excitability

vasodilator, SBP reduction, smooth muscle relaxant,
smooth muscle contraction of all areas of the vascular bed. can increase BP in hypotensive pt

Ca+ channel blocker
slows conduction at the SA & AV nodes, reduces O2 demand, ventricular rates,myocardium contractability
Atropine SO4
anticholinergic & Antiarrythmic
decreases HR, BP, systemic vascular resistance.

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