Glossary of cmun 250 chapter 13

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Aerial advertising
a form of outdoor advertising where messages appear in the sky in the form of banners pulled by airplanes, skywriting and on blimps.
Alternative media
a term commonly used in advertising to describe support media.
Branded entertainment
the combined use of an audiovisual program and a brand to market a product or service. the purpose of this program is to entertain while at the same time provide the opportunity for brands or products to be promoted.
Directional medium
advertising media that are not used to create awareness or demand for products or services but rather to inform customers as to where purchases can be made once they have decided to buy. example: the yellow pages.
In-flight advertising
a variety of advertising media targeting air travelers while they are in flight.
Inside cards
a form of transit advertising where messages appear on cards or boards inside of vehicles such as buses, subways or trolleys.
In-store media
advertising and promotional media that are used inside of a retail store such as point of purchase display ads on shopping cats, coupon dispensers and display boards.
Mobile billboards
an out of home medium in which advertisements are able to be transported to different locations (signs on buses, billboards etc)
Nonmeasured media
a term commonly used in the advertising industry to describe support media.
Nontraditional media
newer media including various forms of support media such as entertainment marketing, guerrilla marketing, product placements as well as interactive media.
Out-of-home advertising
the variety of advertising forms including outdoor, transit, skywriting, and other advertising seen outside.
Outside posters
outdoor transit posters appearing on buses, taxi's, trains, subways and trolley cars.
Product placement
a form of advertising and promotion in which products are placed in television shows and/or movies to gain exposure.
Product integrations
the act of integrating the product into television program content.
Promotional products marketing
the advertising or promotional medium or method that uses promotional products such as ad specialties, premiums, business gifts, awards, prizes or commemoratives.
the percentage of supplicated audience exposed to an outdoor poster daily.
Specialty advertising
an advertising, sales promotion and motivational communication medium that employees useful articles of merchandise imprinted with an advertisers name, message or logo.
Support media
those media used to support or reinforce messages sent to target markets through other more "dominant" traditional media.
Terminal posters
floor displays, island showcases, electronic signs, and other forms of advertisements that appear in subway stations or airline terminals.
Transit advertising
advertising targeted to target audiences exposed to commercial transportation facilities, including buses, taxis, trains, elevators, trolleys, airplanes and subways.
Yellow pages
a telephone directory providing names of companies that provide specific products and services.

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