Glossary of child syc final 7-8

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Erickson's stages?
basic trust vs mistrust

autonomy vs shame and doubt

which of erickson's stages or theories deals with an emphasis on feeding, as well as balance of care and love.
basic trust vs mistrust
the trusting infant expects the world to be good so they feel confident about venturing out and exploring it. a ___ baby cannont count on kindess of others so they protect themselves by ___
mistrustful/ withdrawing from ppl and things around them
which of erickson's theories or stages deals with conflict of toddlerhood, such as responds like "No!" and "Do it myself!"
autonomy vs shame and doubt
autonomy vs shame and doubt can be resolved favorably when parents provide children with suitable ___ and ___
guidance and reasonable choices
toilet training is an example of which of ericksons stages?
autonomy vs shame and doubt
when a parent is over or undercontrolling, the outcome is the child who feels forced and shamed and who doubts his abilities to control his impulses and act competently on his own, is an example of which of ericksons stage
autonomy vs shame and doubt
the primary players in the stages of Erickson are?
parent or caregiver
Erickson parallels Freud in __ period?
time period
emotions such as happiness, interest, suprise, fear, anger, sadness, and disgust that are universal in humans and other primates which promote survival.
basic emotions
___ is first expressed in blissful smiles, later through laughter
the smile evoked by the stimulus of the human face, which first appears btw 6 and 10 weeks
social smile
laughter occurs around __ to __ months
3 to 4
3 types of smiles?
reflexive smile

social smile- 6-10 weeks and evoked by a stimulus

selective social smile- smiles at primary care taker

from __ to ___ months into the 2nd yr angry expressions increase frequency and intensity
4 to 6
like anger, ___ rises during the 2nd half of the first yr
this basic emotion deals with separation anxiety, and losing the mother
expression of fear in response to unfamiliar adults, which appears in many babies in the second half of the first yr
stranger anxiety
difference btw basic emotions and complex emotions?
basic emotions can be seen facially, complex emotions relies on child understanding the world, embarrassment and pride. 2-3 yrs
freuds stages?
oral, anal, phallic stage
freuds___ stage deals with pre occupation w/ sexuality
phallic stage
relatively stable inborn emotional traits
differences in quality and intensity of emotional part of the personality
Thomas and Chess created the ____ study
NY Longitudinal Study
Ny Longitudinal studies 3 types of children?
easy child, difficult child, slow-to-warm-up child
which type of child quickly establishes regular routines in infancy, and is generally cheerful and adapts easily to new experiences.
easy child
what type of child is irregular in daily routines, is slow to accept new experiences, and tends to react negatively and intensely.
difficult child
what type of child is inactive, shows mild, low key reactions to environmental stimuli, negative in mood and adjusts slowly to new experiences
slow to warm up child
when talking about the 3 types of children what are the %'s
40% easy child

10% difficult child

15% slow to warm child

35% dont fall under a category

thomas and chess's model which states that an effective match, or good fit, btw a child's temperament and the child rearing environment leads to more adaptive functioning.
goodness of fit
relationship btw mother & child as well as the mother and child personality
goodness of fit model
the strong affectionate tie that humans have for special people in their lives
the average growth in childs weight and height per yr is..?
2-3 inches heights, 5lbs per yr
cardiologenius areas of the bones that occurs to allow the bones to strengthen and widen
when talking about lateralization, if you are dominant on ur right side, then you are __ handed?
left handed
when talking about lateralization, if you are dominant on ur left side, then you are __ handed?
right handed
for right handed ppl, language is housed in the ___ hemisphere, with hand control
or the left handed, language is occasionally located in the __ hemisphere, or shared btw the hemispheres.
the brains of left handers tend to be (more/less) strongly lateralized than those of the right handers
ambidextrous is often seen in many __ handers
the large bundle of fibers that connects the two hemispheres of the brain
corpus callosum
preschoolers appetites decline because..
their growth has slowed
children need high quality diet like adults but in ___amounts
childhood diseases have declined dramatically over the past half century due to
direct causes of childhood injuries include?

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