Glossary of chem 3

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what is the condition called where people cannot feel pain at ?
congenital analgesia
who was a morphine addict?
franic thompson
men and women hexperience paain in different ways
women have more migrains and tension headches (more arthirits) which mine have more cluster headaches and more cases of back pain
about 1/5th of ppl suffer from?
chronic pain
about 1/4th of people
over the age of 65 suffer from chronic pain
there is no way to measure pain, what do hospitals do?
use the 10 scale meter
results from disease, inflammation or unjury, confined by time
acute pain
persists, represneting the disease itself
chronic pain
the spinal chord can ? itself when there is pain, and it can thus become ?
rewire, permenant
what is used to redirect pain?
tho wrote, the poppy?
francis poppy
drilling into the skull to release the demons is a procedure called?
orthepedic surgeons were usually ?
what was the first anesthetic used? and by who ?
ether, and raymundus lullius
what was the first anesthetic with its structure identified was?
nitrous oxide.
what is used as both a fertilizer and could be used as an expolosive which gives off nitrous oxide
ammonium nitrate
how was aspatame created or found?
chemists would tast and smell different compounds, ths is how some sweetners were discovered because of the sweet taste.
nitrous oxide is also known as ?
laughing gas
sir humphrey davy investigated what?
laughing gas
william morton, thought he could make alot of money by using ether so he tried to get credit for the use of ether in operations so he renamed it ?
there were two main operations of the 1800s what were they
amputations and surface tumors
john collin was known as a very important surgeon of this time era, he was known for saying gentlemen this is no humbug, implyithing that the substance? really did work well.
Ether, worked well.
what would houdini do eith ether?
he would have cats of ether with fans blowing over them toweards the audience, to get them into a dream like state
james sipimson discovered
chlorform in 1847
queen victoria was anethesidzed by ? when giveing birht to her child
who was thought to be the initial discocevere of anesthesia
dr crawform william
potassium bromide is a salt that can be used in asthetics-
it is used majorily in sinsane saylums to sedate patients- take a bromide
dr harold randal grififth introduced ? for a general anesthetic which is used as a ?
curare as a muscle relaxant
what comes from the plant chondrodendon tomentosum?
procedure of anesthesia
a preanestehtic medictations is used to block secretions eg atropine
then a narcotic is used to calm down the patient
then the anethetic is used. Chlorform and ether are no long used.

intravenous anesthics include
theopental sodium and fentanyl- which are both almost instantaneous
fentanyl is a very power ? anesthetic
a group of checninas in moscow took a group of people in a theater hostage and put ? in the ventilation system to try and get them to sleep , but accidentally killed many people
fentanyl has a potency of about ? times that of morphine and a half life of ? compared to morphines 2
100 , 5
gaseous anestehtics include
nitrous oxide, halothan and enflurane
what percent of the poppy is extracted that comtains morphine
heroin production is primiarily in
afghanist and myanmar
in what year did the taliban ban the pruduction of heroin
what percent of morphine in the US is converted to heroin?
60 %
how many heroin addicts are there in the us and how many are in jail?
700,000 and 400,000
what substance in the poppy is an impure in morphine
in the 1800s, britain decided to force what to be imported into chine to balance trade?
during the us civil war, many soldiers became addicted to?
harold shipman was descovered to a be a ?
serial killer- ivy lomas who was a senior citizin was killed by bieng given morphine at a very high amount.
what is a derivitave that is sumilar to morphine but is approved by the fda?
derivatives of opium include
morphine, thebaine, oxycotin3
3 teaspoons of store- bought poppy seeds can give `
1200 ng /ml in 6 hrs
to avoid false positive tests,
the us militar has set cut offs to 3000 ng/ml for morphine and 2000 for codeine. the IOC set cutoff to 1000 ng/ml and reexamination upon request
oxycontin is a ?drug
syntheic druf

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