Glossary of chapter one-mis

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Moores law
cost of data communication and storage is zero
purpose of MIS
enable the future business professional to be knowledgeable and effective in the development and use of info systems
spped of computer chip decreases in proportion to
dnsity of transitors
marektable skills
abstract reasoning, system thinking, collaboration, expermientation
abstract reasoning
create and construct a model
systems thinking
model system components and shoe how components inputs and outputs relate to one another
develop ideas and plans with others to achieve a goal.. provide and recieve critical feedback
ability to experiment
create and test promising new alternatives, consistant with available resources
how to attain job security
... nonroutine cognitive skills and ability to adapt to changing technology
collaboration skills will help teams
become more productive, do better work, and waste less time
critical collaboration drivers
key elements of communicaton, contente management, workflow control
hackmans three characteristics of team effectiveness
accomplish goals and objectives that satisfy clients, working togeter is easier and more effective, members learn and feel fulfilled
how can u imporve collaboration skills
show up and get invloves, assess yourself, ask for feedback, practice
why is mis most important business class
give you background u need to assess, evaluate, and apply info systems to business. can give u ultimate in job security, marketable skills---helps us learn abstraction,systems thinking, collaboration, experimentation
information system
a group of components that interacts to produce info
five component framework
hardware,software,data, procedures, people
what is mis
mangament information systems.. development and use of info. systems. acheiving business goals and objectives

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