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Which control enhances error-handling capability by providing additional functionality to report errors using a validation style similar to that commonly implemented in Internet applications?
What does a SqlConnection object represent?
a connection to a unique session with a SQL Server data source
When defining parameters to be passed to a stored procedure, which four values can you specify for the ParameterDirection property?
Input, InputOutput, Output, and ReturnValue
Can you use declarative code access security to request permissions for the entire assembly?
Yes. You can use RequestMinimum, RequestOptional, and RequestRefuse.
Which property of the SqlException class returns the severity level of the error?
What happens when a TraceSwitch's constructor cannot find initial switch settings in a configuration file?
The Level of the new switch is set to TraceLevel.Off.
Which overloaded method of an EventLog writes information to the specified log?
What is a connection string?
a string that includes the source database name and other parameters needed to create a connection to a database
When hosting a Windows Forms control in a web page, does the common language runtime need to be installed on the client?
Which ADO .NET object is used to represent, in memory, a relationship between two DataTable objects?
Question: For which purpose would you set the DefaultItem property of a menu item?
Answer: To identify that menu item as the default menu item. The menu item will be displayed in bold.
Question: What does the Form.Activate method do?
Answer: It activates the form and gives the form focus.
Question: Which three actions would you take to make a portion of a form transparent, allowing the form underneath to display through?
Answer: 1. Create a drawing object like a rectangle, ellipse, etc. on the portion of the form that you want to be transparent. 2. Set the BackColor property of the object to a specific color. 3. Set the TransparencyKey property of the form to the same color.
Question: Which component compiles MSIL to native code on an as-needed basis?
Answer: JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler
Question: In Solution Explorer, why would you use the Update Web Reference option for a Web service?
Answer: to update the reference to a Web service that has been modified
Question: When calling the WriteXml method of a DataSet, which three enumerated values could you use for the XmlWriteMode argument?
Answer: WriteSchema - Writes the schema and the dataIgnoreSchema - Writes the data but no schema DiffGram - Writes the current data, but maintains information about modified rows
Question: Which Visual Studio .NET deployment feature would you use to evaluate a condition on a target computer and to halt installation if the condition is not met?
Answer: Launch condition
Question: Why would you implement IDisposable and override the Dispose method?
Answer: to perform application-specific tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources
Question: Which isolation level provides the highest degree of protection against data concurrency errors?
Answer: Serializable
Question: Which property of a DataView contains a string expression, similar to a WHERE clause, used to restrict which rows are visible based on the characteristics of the data?
Answer: RowFilter
Question: Which property would you use to configure the tab order of controls on a form?
Answer: TabIndex
Question: In C#, how can you identify the constructor for a class?
Answer: It will be the method that has the same name as the class and does not specify a return type.
Question: When initiating a database transaction using the BeginTransaction method, which isolation level could you use to allow other users to update the data, but at the same time prevent the possibility of users reading modified data?
Answer: ReadCommitted
Question: What is one advantage of using the Windows Installer technology in your applications?
Answer: The .msi files and Windows Installer technology allow you to create an application setup that provides customized installation options.
Question: Which form property will allow you to attach a context-sensitive pop-up menu to a form?
Answer: ContextMenu
Question: Which form property specifies whether or not the Maximize button is displayed in the title bar of the form?
Answer: MaximizeBox
Question: Where do you enable or disable tracing in a release version of your application?
Answer: in the .config file for the application
Question: Which utility would you use to customize the dialog boxes that the users see when they install your application on their computers?
Answer: User Interface Editor
Question: Why would you use DataTable.Columns.Add?
Answer: to add a column to a DataTable
Question: Which setup project property is displayed for the Contact field in the Support Info dialog?
Answer: Author
Question: When requesting code permissions declaratively, which option indicates that the assembly will run even if the requested permission has not been granted?
Answer: RequestOptional
Question: Why would you use the Trace.Listeners.Add method?
Answer: to enable a listener to retrieve trace output by adding it to the Listeners collection
Question: Which method of the IPrincipal interface determines if the current security principal belongs to a specific role?
Answer: IsInRole
Question: Which collection allows you to create simple data binding with a control?
Answer: DataBindings
Question: What does sn.exe do?
Answer: Sn.exe (the Strong Name tool) is most commonly used to create a public/private key pair for a strong-named assemblies.
Question: Which Windows Installer feature allows you to run code at the end of an installation to perform actions that cannot be handled during installation?
Answer: Custom actions
Question: Which namespace implements a principal object representing a particular security context?
Answer: System.Security.Principal
Question: Which Property Attribute will supply a default value for a property of a custom control at design time?
Answer: [DefaultValue( )]
Question: In a structured error handler, when does the code inside a finally block run?
Answer: It will always run whether the exception has been handled or not. It runs after the try block or one of the catch blocks is executed.
Question: Which method of a SqlCommand object can you use to execute a Transact-SQL statement, such as an UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE, and return the number of rows affected?
Answer: ExecuteNonQuery
Question: Which accessibility property of a control identifies the control to accessibility aids?
Answer: AccessibleName
Question: To which value would you set the Compression property in the Deployment Project Properties dialog box if you wanted to compress the files, but still have the installation run as quickly as possible?
Answer: Optimize for speed
Question: Which form property would you set to yes for an application written in a language that is written from right to left?
Answer: RightToLeft
Question: What is the maximum number of destructors a class can have?
Answer: One
Question: When does the EndPrint event of a PrintDocument fire?
Answer: after the last page of the document has printed, when the printing process is canceled, or when an exception occurs while printing
Question: Which type of testing refers to the phase of debugging that is used when you have performed all the necessary unit testing, fixed the bugs, and want to test how the components interact?
Answer: integration testing
Question: Which tool converts a COM type library into equivalent definitions in a common language runtime assembly?
Answer: Tlbimp.exe (the Type Library Importer)
Question: Which method of a SqlCommand object executes a specified query, returning only the first column of the first row in the resultset and ignoring all other columns and rows?
Answer: ExecuteScalar
Question: In a SQL connection string, what does the Initial Catalog parameter represent?
Answer: the name of the database
Question: Which two classes can you use to implement trace switches in your application?
Answer: BooleanSwitch and TraceSwitch
Question: Why would you modify the QueryPageSettingEventArgs.PageSettings property?
Answer: to change the page settings for a single page in a PrintDocument object
Question: Which Garbage Collector method can you call to force garbage collection?
Answer: Collect
Question: Can you debug a class library directly?
Answer: No. A class library compiles to a .dll.
Question: To which value would you set the Compression property in the Deployment Project Properties dialog box if you wanted to compress the files as much as possible?
Answer: Optimize for size
Question: Why would you use the ShowHelp method of the Help object?
Answer: to display an HTML help file for a given URL
Question: Which property of a Timer object contains the time between timer ticks?
Answer: Interval
Question: A ______ contains resources for a single culture and no executable code.
Answer: satellite assembly
Question: Which term refers to an assembly that is used by only one application?
Answer: private assembly
Question: What can be included in a satellite assembly?
Answer: only resources, such as culture-specific text strings or images
Question: Which Transact-SQL statement can you use to prevent the number of records affected by a SQL statement from being returned?
Question: When does the ControlAdded event fire?
Answer: when a new control is added to Control.ControlCollection
Question: What displays in the Hit Count column of the Breakpoints window?
Answer: any hit counters that have been established to limit the number of times the breakpoint is executed
Question: Which class represents a view over a DataTable object?
Answer: DataView
Question: Which method of inserting breakpoints gives you the ability to configure additional options for the breakpoint?
Answer: choosing New Breakpoint from the Debug menu
Question: What is the primary purpose of a Merge Module Setup project?
Answer: to deploy shared components and ensure correct versioning of components
Question: Which property of a control indicates to which edge of the control's container the control is docked?
Answer: Dock
Question: To what does the term "code access security" refer?
Answer: the process of verifying that all application users have the appropriate permissions to reference specific code in an application
Question: Satellite assemblies are compiled from .resources files using which command-line tool?
Answer: Al.exe (the Assembly Linker)
Question: Which SqlCommand object property specifies the SqlConnection for the command?
Answer: Connection
Question: Which class allows you to set basic properties for a printer, such as the default page settings specific to the printer?
Answer: PrinterSettings
Question: Which method of the Debug or Trace class would you use if you wanted to unconditionally output a message to the TraceListener, but not include a line terminator?
Answer: Write
Question: Which type of security checks must you use when making permission requests, link demands, and inheritance demands?
Answer: declarative
Question: What does the ExecuteReader method of a Command object return?
Answer: a DataReader object
Question: When using the WriteXml method, which XmlWriteMode would you use to write the data and the schema?
Answer: WriteSchema
Question: Which construct would you use to implement custom error-handling in a C# .NET application?
Answer: try...catch...finally
Question: When you have multiple breakpoints displayed in the code window, how do you know which breakpoint has halted execution?
Answer: The breakpoint that contains the yellow arrow next to the yellow highlighted line of code is the current stop point.
Question: Which noninheritable class represents a Transact-SQL transaction?
Answer: SqlTransaction
Question: Which statement can you include at the beginning of your code, to allow the names of members in other namespaces to be referenced without qualification?
Answer: using
Question: Which object is supported in role-based security and represents the identity and role that a principal must have to run?
Answer: PrincipalPermission
Question: Which .NET Framework tool would you use to digitally sign an assembly with an Authenticode digital signature?
Answer: signcode.exe
Question: Which property can you set to bind a property of a control to the property of an object?
Answer: the DataBindings property of the control
Question: What is the purpose of the AccessibleRole property?
Answer: The AccessibleRole property describes what kind of user interface element an object is.
Question: Which code access security permission must an assembly request in order to read and write files?
Answer: FileIOPermission
Question: Which exception class implements the exceptions returned by SQL Server?
Answer: SqlException
Question: When your application is in break mode, how can you determine which function has called the current function that is displayed?
Answer: Use the Call Stack window to determine the function execution order.
Question: Which types of executable code can be run in a custom action at the end of an installation?
Answer: a .dll, .exe, script, or assembly
Question: Which class implements objects that describe a set of code security permissions?
Answer: SecurityPermission
Question: If you want to use tracing in your application, which namespace should you include in a using statement?
Answer: System.Diagnostics
Question: Which form property can you set to specify the smallest size, in pixels, for a form?
Answer: MinimumSize
Question: Which two tools can you use to view the contents of your application's event log?
Answer: You can use Server Explorer from Visual Studio .NET or use the Event Viewer of MMC.
Question: Which two attributes can you use with code groups in a security policy configuration file to affect how the CLR derives a final permission set for assemblies?
Answer: LevelFinal and Exclusive
Question: Which command would you use to read an application configuration setting from a .config file?
Answer: System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get()
Question: Which tool would you use to debug a stored procedure call in your .NET application?
Answer: Server Explorer
Question: Which code group attribute causes code access policies in lower policy levels to be ignored?
Answer: LevelFinal
Question: Which method of a SqlCommandBuilder object would you use to populate an associated SqlCommand object's Parameters collection with parameter information for the specified stored procedure?
Answer: DeriveParameters
Question: Which type of principal would you use if you had complex application logic that needed to determine access?
Answer: Custom principals
Question: What does setting the UseMnemonic property of a Label to true do?
Answer: It indicates that an ampersand character (&) in the Label's Text property will be interpreted as an access key prefix character.
Question: When filtering rows in a DataView using the RowStateFilter property, how do the ModifiedOriginal and ModifiedCurrent row states differ?
Answer: ModifiedCurrent displays the modified versions of the rows while ModifiedOriginal shows the original version of the rows, which have since been modified.
Question: Which SqlCommand object property specifies whether the command is a direct table reference, a reference to a stored procedure, or a SQL string?
Answer: CommandType
Question: Which DataGrid method can be called at run time to set the DataSource and DataMember properties?
Answer: SetDataBinding
Question: Which object would you use instead of an XmlTextReader if you wanted to validate the data using schema files while reading?
Answer: XmlValidatingReader
Question: Which ADO .NET object represents, in memory, a set of relational data that can include tables and relationships between the tables?
Answer: DataSet
Question: What must be done to a Web service for its methods to be called asynchronously?
Answer: Nothing. When you create the proxy class for a Web service, for each method two special methods are created that allow you to communicate asynchronously.
Question: When does the PrintPage event of a PrintDocument fire?
Answer: when the output to print for the current page is needed
Question: In a control's constructor, what must you do to give a control a transparent background?
Answer: Call the form's SetStyle method to set SupportsTransparentBackColor to true.Set the BackColor property of the control to Transparent.
Question: Can satellite assemblies contain intermediate language code to be executed by the common language runtime?
Answer: No
Question: When communicating asynchronously with a method of a Web service, in which two ways can you determine when to call the End method?
Answer: You can create a callback function and pass the callback function to the Begin method, or you can use the WaitHandle class to wait for the method to complete execution.
Question: When creating a composite Windows control, which base class should you inherit from?
Answer: System.Windows.Forms.UserControl
Question: What is the default name of the object variable that is passed into an event procedure and gives you access to the properties of the object that caused the event?
Answer: sender
Question: Which method of the DataAdapter writes changes in a DataSet back to the database?
Answer: Update
Question: When using a SqlDataReader to read data from a SQL Server database, which property of the SqlDataReader could you examine to determine the number of rows changed, inserted, or deleted by your Transact-SQL statement?
Answer: RecordsAffected
Question: Which form property specifies whether or not the Minimize button is displayed in the title bar of the form?
Answer: MinimizeBox
Question: What is a requirement of assemblies when they are used by COM applications on a computer?
Answer: They must be registered in the Windows Registry for the COM components to gain access to the classes.
Question: For a SqlCommand object that specifies a stored procedure, which collection holds the parameters that will be passed to and from the stored procedure?
Answer: Parameters
Question: Which file name extension do Windows Installer files have?
Answer: .msi
Question: Can an application configuration file be used to tell an existing application to use a new version of a shared assembly without rebuilding the application?
Answer: Yes
Question: Which class determines the permission for code based on zones configured in Microsoft Internet Explorer?
Answer: ZoneIdentityPermission
Question: When does the Form.Load event fire?
Answer: before a form is displayed for the first time
Question: Which ADO .NET object represents, in memory, a table of relational data within a DataSet?
Answer: DataTable
Question: If you only want to display a text help message and not a help topic, which method of the HelpProvider could you use to programmatically set the text to display?
Answer: SetHelpString
Question: Which form property can you set to specify the largest size, in pixels, allowed for a form?
Answer: MaximumSize
Question: Which identity object would you use to have your application use Windows authentication?
Answer: WindowsIdentity
Question: Which ErrorProvider method can you use to display an error icon with an associated ToolTip containing an error message beside a specific control?
Answer: SetError
Question: Which two steps can you take to conditionally compile blocks of code in an application?
Answer: 1. Add a conditional compilation constant either in the Conditional Compilation Constants dialog or by using #define.2. Include the blocks to be conditionally compiled within the #if...#endif preprocessor directives.
Question: Why would you add Trace listeners to your application?
Answer: Trace listeners are used to collect error, information, and warning messages and output them to an appropriate collector such as the event viewer or a log file.
Question: To register an assembly for sharing in the Global Assembly Cache, the assembly must be strong named and be signed by using what?
Answer: a cryptographic key pair
Question: From which class in the .NET Framework is the Form class derived?
Answer: ContainerControl
Question: What is an assembly?
Answer: An assembly is the main unit of deployment for a .NET application. This could be an EXE or a DLL.
Question: What is assembly redirection?
Answer: the process of forcing an application to use one version of an assembly over another
Question: Which form property can be used to make an entire form transparent?
Answer: Opacity
Question: Which property should you use to bind a table in a DataSet to a control?
Answer: DataSource
Question: Which class does the TraceSwitch class immediately inherit from?
Answer: Switch
Question: Which type of setup project would you use to deploy a Web application to a Web server?
Answer: Web Setup Project
Question: Can imperative security be used to perform a security demand at the class level?
Answer: No
Question: Which object controls the interaction between the DataSet object and the underlying database?
Answer: DataAdapter
Question: For an enabled Timer object, when does the Tick event occur?
Answer: when the specified time interval has elapsed
Question: Can you have more than one event handler for a given event?
Answer: Yes
Question: Which property indicates to the .NET Framework whether or not there are more pages to print in a PrintDocument?
Answer: PrintPageEventArgs.HasMorePages
Question: When setting the properties in the License Agreement dialog box in your setup project, which property should you set to the name of the .rtf file containing your license agreement?
Answer: LicenseFile
Question: Which utility is provided with Visual Studio .NET and allows you to add assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache?
Answer: Gacutil.exe
Question: Why would you use the Value property of a SqlParameter object?
Answer: to specify the value of an input parameter to be passed to a stored procedure or to retrieve the value of an output parameter returned by a stored procedure
Question: Which property can you set to True to terminate a cancelable event?
Answer: Cancel
Question: Which method of a SecurityPermission object would you use to create a new permission object with the characteristics common to two other permission objects?
Answer: Intersect
Question: Which .NET Framework utility can you use to discover Web services from a specified URL?
Answer: Disco.exe
Question: After using the Impersonate method of a WindowsImpersonationContext object to impersonate another user, why would you call the Undo method of the WindowsImpersonationContext object?
Answer: to return the user context back to the original Windows user
Question: If the CommandType property of a SqlCommand object is set to TableDirect, what does the Prepare method of the Command object do?
Answer: The Prepare method can be used to compile a stored procedure, but for direct table access this method is ignored.
Question: Which method do you call to run under the security context of a different Windows account?
Answer: WindowsIdentity.Impersonate()
Question: What is the purpose of the Call Stack window?
Answer: to display the routines that have been called in the application and in what order they were called
Question: Which type security would you typically use to configure security for an entire assembly?
Answer: declarative
Question: Which tool can you use with a Web service class's description file to generate a proxy class for the Web service?
Answer: Wsdl.exe
Question: Which code access security policy has the broadest scope?
Answer: enterprise
Question: Do breakpoints work in a Release configuration of an application?
Answer: Yes. Breakpoints work in Debug configurations or in Release configurations that have project properties set to generate debug information.
Question: Where do you set debugging options for your project?
Answer: from the Debugging option of the Configuration Properties folder in the Project Properties dialog box
Question: Which class provides data for a cancelable event?
Answer: CancelEventArgs
Question: Can custom controls only be created in Class Library assemblies which compile to .dll files?
Answer: No
Question: If you want to debug a remote application running on another computer, which service must be running on the remote computer?
Answer: the MDM.exe service (the Machine Debug Manager service)
Question: Which two types of principals could be used to represent users and roles other than Windows NT and Windows 2000 users and roles?
Answer: Generic principals and Custom principals
Question: What is the purpose of conditions in breakpoints?
Answer: to cause the breakpoint to halt application execution if the condition evaluates to true instead of always breaking
Question: Which method does a destructor implicitly call?
Answer: the Object.Finalize method of the object's base class
Question: Which object would you use to read a forward-only stream of rows from a SQL Server database?
Answer: SqlDataReader
Question: Which method of a SqlDataAdapter object can you use to load a DataSet with data?
Answer: Fill
Question: What is the purpose of breakpoints?
Answer: to pause an application for debugging purposes so that you can test variables or follow the execution of your application
Question: What does the Trace.Flush method do?
Answer: It flushes the output buffer and causes any buffered data to be written to the Listeners.
Question: What is the purpose of the Custom Actions Editor?
Answer: to manage custom actions in a deployment project
Question: To store a database connection string in a configuration file, you would add an <add> element as a child of which element?
Answer: <appSettings>
Question: Which property would you use to set the width of a form?
Answer: Size.Width
Question: Which type of module is recommended for DLLs or other components that are likely to be only used by developers as opposed to end users?
Answer: Merge Module
Question: A Windows application that includes several method calls at startup will tend to have a faster load time if what is done?
Answer: if the application is precompiled
Question: Which property of a DataColumn object could you use to create a calculated value or aggregate column?
Answer: Expression
Question: Which base class should you inherit if you want to create custom trace listeners?
Answer: TraceListener
Question: When requesting code permissions, which option indicates that the assembly should be denied a permission?
Answer: RequestRefuse
Question: When does the BeginPrint event of a PrintDocument fire?
Answer: when the Print method is called and before the first page of the document prints
Question: Which unmanaged components must be installed if your application uses the SQL Server .NET Data Provider?
Answer: Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 or higher
Question: What is the difference between a Debug build and a Release build of an application?
Answer: A Debug build is compiled with full symbolic debug information and is not optimized, whereas a Release build is fully optimized and contains no symbolic debug information by default.
Question: Which property of a menu item can you set to toggle on or off a check mark beside the menu item when the item is selected?
Answer: Checked
Question: How can you ensure that your code will halt on a breakpoint only when you want it to, and not every time?
Answer: You can set conditions, such as hit counts or logical conditions, on the breakpoints.
Question: For a DataAdapter object, which property specifies a Transact-SQL statement or stored procedure used to select records?
Answer: SelectCommand
Question: What does a strong name for a strong-named assembly contain?
Answer: the assembly's name, version, culture information, and a public key encrypted by a private key
Question: If you want to deploy an application that will make use of the Windows Installer technology, which type of deployment project should you use?
Answer: Setup Project
Question: Which class implements the set of exceptions that relate to invalid implicit or explicit data type conversions?
Answer: InvalidCastException
Question: Which namespace represents the OLE DB .NET Data Provider?
Answer: System.Data.OleDb
Question: What is the difference between the Clone and Copy methods of a DataSet?
Answer: Clone copies only the structure, while Copy copies the structure and data.
Question: Why would you use the predefined License Agreement dialog box?
Answer: to prompt the user to accept or reject a license agreement during installation
Question: Which statement can you use to explicitly raise an error?
Answer: throw
Question: What is a publisher policy file?
Answer: A file, usually provided by the assembly's author, that specifies assembly redirection and code base settings. The file is compiled into an assembly and installed in the GAC, so that these settings take precedence.
Question: Which DataView property specifies a string indicating the sort order of the rows returned?
Answer: Sort
Question: When does the QueryPageSettings event of a PrintDocument fire?
Answer: immediately before each PrintPage event
Question: What is the file name extension for a merge module file?
Answer: .msm
Question: If a Windows application makes at least one optional code access permission request, a request must also be made for what permission in order to present a graphical interface?
Answer: UIPermission
Question: What would be the name of the configuration file for app1.exe?
Answer: app1.exe.config
Question: Which .NET Framework utility would you use to install a Windows Service application?
Answer: Installutil.exe
Question: Which property of a DataView allows you to easily sort the view based on the primary key column or columns of the underlying table?
Answer: ApplyDefaultSort. For this property to apply the default sort, the Sort property must also be set to an empty string.
Question: When writing XML from a DataSet using DataSet.WriteXml, how can you specify the tag name of the root element of the XML file?
Answer: by specifying a name for the DataSetName property or a name in the constructor
Question: Can you call System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get() to read a setting from machine.config?
Answer: Yes
Question: When is the Select event of a menu item raised?
Answer: when the menu item is highlighted
Question: Which configuration file affects all .NET applications on a system?
Answer: machine.config
Question: Which overloaded DataSet method can you use to write a DataSet's contents to a Stream, TextWriter, or XmlWriter object?
Answer: WriteXml
Question: Which utility is used to register or unregister .NET classes in the Windows Registry for use with COM?
Answer: Regasm.exe (the Assembly Registration tool)
Question: Which method of a control invalidates a specific region of the control and then causes a paint message to be sent to the control?
Answer: Invalidate
Question: Which utility is used during the setup of a deployment project to create the folder structure that your application will use when deployed?
Answer: File System Editor
Question: Which type of code access request is applied to assemblies, methods, and classes using attributes?
Answer: declarative
Question: Which object redirects output to a previously specified event log?
Answer: EventLogTraceListener
Question: Can setting the Dock property of a control affect the size of the control at run time?
Answer: Yes. Any docked edge of a control is resized when its container is resized.
Question: Which FormBorderStyle values do not allow the user to resize the form?
Answer: None and all of the Fixed styles
Question: In a SQL connection string, what does the Data Source parameter represent?
Answer: the name or network address of the instance of SQL Server to which to connect
Question: Which operator would you use to associate an event handler with an event?
Answer: +=
Question: Which tool generates X.509 certificates for testing purposes only?
Answer: Makecert.exe (the Certification Creation tool)
Question: Code access security policies can be defined at which four levels?
Answer: enterprise, machine, user, and application domain
Question: What is the term that refers to code that runs under the CLR (common language runtime)?
Answer: managed code
Question: At which point in the event life cycle of a control does the Validating event occur?
Answer: immediately before the control is validated, unless the event is suppressed by setting CausesValidation to False
Question: Why might you implement the TraceSwitch class in your code?
Answer: to provide conditional control of when or how tracing will occur
Question: Which HTML tag is used to host a Windows Forms control in a web page?
Answer: <object>
Question: What is the purpose of the Condition property for files that are added using the File System Editor?
Answer: to indicate whether or not certain files should be installed on the target computer
Question: What is the correct syntax to add a configuration setting with the key "mykey" and the value "One" to an <appSettings> section of a .config file?
Answer: <add key="mykey" value="One" />
Question: What is the base class for classes containing event data?
Answer: EventArgs
Question: Which property of a menu item would you set to display a radio button beside the item when the item is selected?
Answer: RadioCheck
Question: What does the WindowsIdentity object returned by the GetAnonymous method represent?
Answer: an anonymous Windows user
Question: What is garbage collection?
Answer: the process by which the CLR automatically reclaims unused memory
Question: Which tool can you use to precompile an assembly into a native image?
Answer: ngen.exe (Native Image Generator)
Question: Which method of a SecurityPermission object would you use to prevent callers higher in the call stack from accessing code, even if the CLR had granted permission?
Answer: Deny
Question: What is remoting?
Answer: distributing objects across different process and machine boundaries
Question: Which common ADO .NET class is a leaner alternative than the combination of a DataSet and DataAdapter for performing a simple forward read of data that is iterated only once?
Answer: DataReader
Question: Which DataSet method can you use to combine two DataSet objects?
Answer: Merge
Question: Which property of a check box must be set to True for any shortcut keys defined for the control to function?
Answer: AutoCheck
Question: Which type of code access security check is done in a method using objects and method calls?
Answer: imperative
Question: Which type of testing allows you to test individual components and fix bugs in them before they are integrated with the rest of the application?
Answer: unit testing
Question: What does the CodeAccessPermission.Demand method require?
Answer: It requires that all callers higher in the call stack have the permission to access the resource. If these users have not been granted the permission, a SecurityException occurs.
Question: Which default event log records events specific to a particular user program?
Answer: application
Question: What does the QuickWatch dialog allow you to do?
Answer: view variables and expressions or edit values
Question: Which class does the .NET class library provide to represent a user during a custom logon procedure?
Answer: GenericIdentity
Question: For what reason would you use caspol.exe?
Answer: to modify security policy for the machine policy level, the user policy level, and the enterprise policy level
Question: With the ReadXml method, what does an XmlReadMode of DiffGram specify?
Answer: to read a DiffGram and apply all changes to the DataSet
Question: What is a strong-named assembly?
Answer: A strong-named assembly is an assembly that has been given a strong name that uniquely identifies the assembly.
Question: Which value does the IsSubsetOf method return if the specified identities and roles are identical?
Answer: True
Question: Which form property defines which button will be clicked when the user presses the ESC key?
Answer: CancelButton
Question: When does the Control.HelpRequested event fire?
Answer: when the application user requests help for a control by pressing the F1 key when the control has focus
Question: Which debug window displays all variables currently in scope?
Answer: Locals window
Question: Which method would you use to return a WindowsIdentity object representing the currently logged on Windows user?
Answer: GetCurrent
Question: On which operating systems are Event Logs available?
Answer: Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP
Question: In code, which single form property could you use to set the initial size of a form?
Answer: Size
Question: When using a SqlCommand object to call a stored procedure that requires input parameters, what is the default ParameterDirection if none is specified?
Answer: Input
Question: For a DataTable, to which property could you pass an array of DataColumn objects to set a unique key for the table?
Answer: PrimaryKey
Question: What are the three default event logs?
Answer: system, security, and application
Question: Which tool is used to aid you in generating the necessary file type associations on the target computer for your application?
Answer: the File Types Editor in the IDE
Question: Which DataView property can you use to specify which rows should be included in the view based on the state of the rows?
Answer: RowStateFilter
Question: Instances of which class can be used to read tracing levels from the <switches> section of an application's configuration file?
Answer: TraceSwitch
Question: What is connection pooling?
Answer: the process of creating connections to the database where the same user id and password is shared by multiple users
Question: What is a Principal?
Answer: an object that represents the identity and role of a user and acts on behalf of the user
Question: Which method of a DataTable commits all pending changes?
Answer: AcceptChanges
Question: Which .NET Framework tool would you use to view the declarative permission demands made by an assembly?
Answer: permview.exe

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