Glossary of bus101-exam2

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anybody involved in supply chain, selling a product/service
supply chain
all activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from raw materials to the end user, including info. flow
supplier network, provide inputs

-purchasing managers: planning, scheduling, ensuring good relationships

distributor channel-delievery to final consumer

-distribution management-packaging,sorting,handling

advantages of supplier relationships
loyal supplier and firm relationship=benefit of doubt, long term relationship=quality,lower price, efficency, "just in time managment":prevents warehousing,smoother flow of info. and materials, clear objectives/expectations, mutual benefits and trust
supply chain management
intergration of supply chain activites through improves supply chain relationships, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
-efficency, effective communication, coordination,comfortable profit margins, quick response/resupply time, quick delievery time
interests of suppliers
regular orders, prompt payment
importance of suppliers
ability to retain customers, affect bottom line profitability, represent firm and their interests and values, respondent superior.firm must answer to/for the actions of its suppliers
human capital
employee interests
stable environment, fair pay, benefits, opportunity for promotion, safe work environment, privacy

employee rights
legal obligation: right to organizae,strike,bargain collectively, right to safe and healthy workplace, right to be free of discrimination

moral obligation: right to secure job(social contract), right to personal privacu, right to due process

employment at will
legal doctrine 1888, cornerstone of us employment. employer can hire/fire at own discretion, employee caan quit, doctrine;not a law
federal and state laws limiting EAW
whistle blow(sox)-protection of the public
-discrimination law(EEOC)-civil rights
WARN:notice of plant closings--6- day notice with over 500 employees
-union organizing (NLRA)
under contract law, employers required to bargain in good faith
-fair dealing:violation of implied contracts
Just Cause:legal/lawful reason(not rquired by fed. law)

whistle blow(sox)
protection of the public
discrimination law (EEOC)
civil rights
fair dealing
violation of implied contracts
employee stakeholdr protection:legal rights protected by law
fair labor standards act,title VII civil rights act of 1964,national labor relations act , occupationl safety and health act
occupational safety and health act
right to know, right to safe working environment
national labor relations act
balances barganing power, right to assemble,organize,strike
title vii civil rights act
established EEOC...discrimination,sexual harassment
fair labor standards act
min. wage and child labor laws
legislationg protecting employees
tittle vii civil rights act of 1964
title vii civil rights act of 1964
protects individuals from discrimination in hiring, promoting, and compensations en cases where there is a bona fide occupational qualification)being a member is essential to the job)

-sex, race, religion, nationality

-currently no legislation protecting discrimination based upon sexual orientation
Exception:civil service reform act protects govt employees, protection from sexual harassment

social contract
implied unerstanding between an organizaiton and its stakeholders base on trust and mutual respect(shared cultural norms)

social contract,, no legal protection unless can prove fired because of it
not to be terminated without cause (EAW), due process:trial, government ensures all rights-60 day notice of plant closing, not protected by constitution in employment situations, privacy-exception during drug testing, exceptions are based on existence of contracts, size of company
variation in human characteristics that distinguish one from another
primary characteristics of diversity
age, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, mental disabilities
secondary characteristics of diversity
communication style, family statue, first language
advantages to iverse workforce
larger consumer bade, avoid expensive lawsuits,more diverse=higher profitability
challenges of diversity
expensive, conflicts, communication
glass ceiling
invisible barriert to the advancement of women, minorities, other groups in the workplace
glass walls
invisible barrier to lateral mobility(promotion) of women ,minorities, groups n workplace
affirmative action
positive and sustained effort of an organization to identify, gire, train, and promote minorities and women who were underrepresented in the workforce, controversial, legal as long as temporary and flexible, designed to correct past discrimination
geographical area and groups affected by organiztions actions..

-site community, fence line community(neighbors),virtual community(onine),employee communitry

civic engagement
active engagement of businesses an individuals in changing an improving communities
business case for community invlovement
loyalty of employees, customers, neighbors, benefit of doubt, license to operate,avoid govt, regulation, respond quickly to stakeholder demands, tax breaksm enhance reputation, social capital
benefits to communitry
firms donate time, money, goods, economic development(jobs, tax revenue, job training), crime abatement,housing, aid to minorit enterprises, disaster,terrorism,war relief
corporate philanthropy
gifts and contributons made by businessses to benefit various types of nonprofit and community organizations
-corportate tax law encourage such giving: donations, products, volunteering of time
strategic philanthropy
giving in targeted, strategic way that benefits both the company and nonprofit
collaborative philantrhopy
alliances among business, government civil society organizations that draw on the unique capabilities of each to address complex social problems
all uncontrollable, its everything external to the business
types of context
competitive, economic, political, social, technilogoical, ethnical, legal

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