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earth Pictures, Images and Photos
Biosphere - the part of the earth's crust, waters, and atmosphere that supports life.

Biosphere: where we are able to live


auroras Pictures, Images and Photos
Biome -a complex biotic community characterized by distinctive plant and animal species and maintained under the climatic conditions of the region, especially such a community that has developed to climax.

Biome: an area where similar animals can live


Nymphaea alba Pictures, Images and Photos
Ecosystem - a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment.

Ecosystem: what is left after animals and people haev been there


Living and nonliving Pictures, Images and Photos
Abiotic - of or characterized by the absence of life or living organisms.

Abiotic: nonliving

Biological Community

family Pictures, Images and Photos
Biological Community - A group of organisms that live closely together and form a natural ecologic unit.

Biological Community: a family of animals


population Pictures, Images and Photos
Population -
a.the assemblage of a specific type of organism living in a given area.
b.all the individuals of one species in a given area

Population # of similarly categorized organisms in one place


organism Pictures, Images and Photos
Organism - any complex thing or system having properties and functions determined not only by the properties and relations of its individual parts, but by the character of the whole that they compose and by the relations of the parts to the whole.

Organism:anything whos basic unit of structure are cells


relationship Pictures, Images and Photos
Symbiosis - the living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or parasitism

Symbiosis: relationships


peluk love Pictures, Images and Photos

Mutualism - a relationship between two species of organisms in which both benefit from the association

Mutualism: relationship where both are better off with each other


Couple Pictures, Images and Photos
Commensalism - (of an animal, plant, fungus, etc.) living with, on, or in another, without injury to either.

Commensalism: Relationship - not good but not bad


water flea Pictures, Images and Photos
Parasitism - a relation between organisms in which one lives as a parasite on another.

Parasitism: one lives on the other ad feeds off of him or her


Predator eating his prey Pictures, Images and Photos
Predation - a relation between animals in which one organism captures and feeds on others.

Predation: animal eat animal


Competitive eating? Pictures, Images and Photos
Competition - the struggle between individuals of the same or different species for food, space, light, etc, when these are inadequate to supply the needs of all

Competion:fightong over resources

Native Species

Native Wolf Pictures, Images and Photos
Native species - A native species is an organism that is living in an area for entirely natural reasons, with no human intervention involved

Native Species: Original Animals to the area

Invasive/exotic Species

the birds Pictures, Images and Photos
Invasive/exotic species - non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration

Invasive/exotic species:animals that arent originally from there but are there anyways


person carrying an orange Pictures, Images and Photos
Vector - insect or other organism that transmits a pathogenic fungus, virus, bacterium, etc.
b.any agent that acts as a carrier or transporter, as a virus or plasmid that conveys a genetically engineered dna segment into a host cell

Vector: disease carrier


flower Pictures, Images and Photos
Habitat - the natural environment of an organism; place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism

Habitat: original home


construction worker Pictures, Images and Photos
Niche - the position or function of an organism in a community of plants and animals

Niche: what an organism does


Dare to be Different. Pictures, Images and Photos
Adaptation –
a.any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment.
b.a form or structure modified to fit a changed environment.
c.the ability of a species to survive in a particular ecological niche, especially because of alterations of form or behavior brought about through natural selection.

Adaptation: differences made to survive

Trophic level

Exomagic Levels Pictures, Images and Photos
Trophic level - any class of organisms that occupy the same position in a food chain, as primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers.

Trophic Level - group of organisms that eat at a certain time.


gardenia Pictures, Images and Photos
Autotroph (producer) - any organism capable of self-nourishment by using inorganic materials as a source of nutrients and using photosynthesis or chemosynthesis as a source of energy, as most plants and certain bacteria and protists.

Autotroph - organism that makes its own food, usually plants

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