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example of an autotroph
pine tree
photsynthesis contributes to plant growth by taking in?
taking in carbon dioxide and making sugars (carbohydrates)
what organelle does photosynthesis take place in?
function of stomata?
gas exhange
what structure do plants obtain their water from?
what is the name is given to membranous sacs found within a chloroplast?
What are grana?
stacks of membranous sacs
If you provided your shade-tolerant plants with their prefered wav
lenght of light, but only minimial amounts of water, what would happen with the plants?
plant production of ATP would be DECREASED.
equation of photosynthesis
6 CO2 + 6 H20 arrow C6+ 6 O2
redox reations transfer electrons from_____ to _____
water to carbon dioxide
h20 to co2
the light reactions of photosynthesis convert ____ energy to ____ energy
solar energy to chemical energy
the calvin cycle requires ________ and _______ from the light-dependent reactions in order to operate.
the products of light reactions of photosynthesis are?
atp and nadph
the color we see when looking at a pigmented object is
the wavelenghts that are REFLECTED or TRANSMITTED by the pigmented object
if a plant is blue what color is the reflected wavelenght?
what color of energy wavelenghts is least useful to photosynthesis?
what is responsible for yellow-orange leaves
why do plants have pigment molecules such as chlorophyll b and carotenoids? what is there purpose?
to absorb energy in parts of electromagnetic spectrum that chlorphyl a CANNOT
name for a discrete packet of light?
the shorter the wavelength of visible light,the ______
greater the energy
when a molecule absorbs a photon its electrons are raised to what state?
the EXCITED state
what are the ways that a molecule releases energy gained by absorption of a photon?
heat, fluroescence, light, and loss of an electorn.
where are photsystems located?
thylakoid membrane
what compound is found at the REACTION CENTER of a Photosystem?
chlorophyl a
light reactions of photsynthesis take place?
thylakoid membrane
name the source that is responsible for oxygen gas released by a photosystem?
h2o water
what source is responsible for electrons for light reactions
water h20
electron trasport chain are found in both?
cellular respiration and light reactions of photosynthesis
an H+ ion forms across the?
thylakoid membrane
the calvin cycle uses what three processes to make sugar?
carbon dioxide co2, ATP, and NADPH
co2 atp and nadph make what?
how do c4 plants conserve water?
keeping their stomata CLOSED when the weather is HOT or DRY
how do cam plants conserve water?
by only OPENING their stomata at NIGHT
the last stage of the calvin cycle involves?
regeneration of RUBP
if a herbecide blocked the calvin cycle before g3p what would happen to the plant?
NO sugar would be made by the plant
if you provide your plants with their correct wavelenght but only minimal water, what would happen?
plants will produce a decreased amount of ATP

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