Glossary of argumentation 324

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comparing two different situations with one another
Post Hoc
when you attribute something after the fact... EX marylin manson cause the kids to kill people
straw man
an argument that is so weak that its easy to knock over
beggin the question
circular reasoning... The mariners are really good, because they are the best team in baseball.
Ad Hominem
Personal attack
slippery slope
one thing leads to another which leads to another thent he world is over.
hasty generaliztion
you only use one example then generalize about a population
appeal to popularity
"10 million people have already used this product"
faulty comparison
comparing things that are not alike
comparing two similar things and inferring they are the same
hyping something up... light cereal or authentic mexican
four step model to refutation
state the point to be refuted, state your refutation, support your refutation, explain how your refutation undermines argument

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