Glossary of Western Art II 2

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Isenheim Altarpiece
Hagenauer and Grunewald. France. 1500, 1510-1515.
Durer\'s Self-Portrait
Durer, 1500. Note Christ-esque imagery
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Durer, 1497-1498. Woodcut print.
Adam and Eve
Durer. 1504. Engraving print.
Death and the Matron
Baldung. 1520-1525.
term: Protestant Reformation
A large breaking off of Christians from the Catholic Church, due to growing disparity between them
term: Martin Luther
One of the head figures of the Reformation movement, helped kickstart it with the list of things wrong with the church
term: indulgences
Confessionals where the church is paid to \"forgive\" sins
Burial of Count Orgaz
El Greco. 1586. Church of Santo Tome, Toledo, Spain.
Garden of Earthly Delights
Bosch. 1505-1515.
Return of the Hunters
Bruegel. 1565.
term: grisaille
A sort of grayscale style on the outside of an alterpiece
St. Peter\'s Piazza
Bernini, 1607-1626. Vatican, Rome.
Bernini. 1624-1633. St. Peter\'s Basilica, Vatican, Rome.
Bernini\'s David
Bernini, 1623
St. Teresa of Avila in Ecstasy
Bernini, 1645-1652. Church of Santa Maria della Vitoria, Rome.
term: Counter-Reformation
The church countering the Reformation with TEH ARTZ AND TEH PROPAGANDAZ
The Calling of St. Matthew
Caravaggio, 1599-1600. Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome.
Susannah and the Elders
Artemisia Gentileschi, 1610.
term: Baroque
A style notable for its dramatic lighting and theater-like staging for heightened effect, used as propaganda to get people to come back to the Catholic Church
term: baldacchino
a canopy-like thing
term: tenebrism
a strong spotlight effect
Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting
Gentileschi. 1630.
Las Meninas (or The Maids of Honor)
Velasquez. 1656.
The Raising of the Cross
Rubens. 1610-1611. Church of St. Walpurga, Antwerp, Belgium.
Henry IV Receiving the Portrait of Marie de\'Medici
Rubens. 1621-1625.
Still Life with Flowers, Govlet, Dried Fruit, and Pretzels
Clara Peeters. 1611. (pretzels were new at the time)
Officers of the Haarlem Militia Company of St. Adrian
Frans Hals. 1627.
term: genre paintings
Paintings depicting scenes of everyday life
The Night Watch
Rembrandt. 1642. Amsterdam.
Three Crosses (First State)
Rembrandt. 1653. Drypoint and etching.
Woman Holding a Balance
Vermeer. 1664. Vermeer known for depicting women doing mundane things as part of allegory.
The Suitor\'s Visit
Gerard ter Borch. 1658.
Flower Still Life
Rachel Ruysch. After 1700.
Louis XIV
Rigaud. 1701. Louis was fabulous.
Hall of Mirrors
Hardouin-Mansart and Le Brun. 1678. Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France.
term: etching
plate is coated with wax, carved in, and then dipped in acid
term: drypoint
sharp needle used to scratch shallow lines into an engraving plate
Pilgrimage to the Island of Cythera
Watteau. 1717. Rococo style
Girl Reclining: Louise O\'Murphy
Boucher. 1751.
The Swing
Fragonard. 1766. Rococo.
Pauline Borghese as Venus
Canova. 1808. Was originally on a rotating device.
term: Rococo
A bright, colorful style influenced by the rising middle class
term: fete-galante
elegant outdoor entertainment
term: salons
intimate fashionable gatherings for nobles to discuss things
Cornelia Pointing to her Children as her Treasures
Kauffmann. 1785. Neoclassical style.
The Death of General Wolfe
West. 1770. History painting that\'s not entirely accurate
Portrat of Marie Antoinette with her Children
Vigee-Lebrun. 1787. Propaganda.
Oath of Horatii
David. 1784-1785.
term: Neoclassicism
A return back to antiquity of roman and greek styles... /again/. Good lord.
term: history painting
A painting depicting an actual historical event. ... duh?
term: Romanticism
A style that relies on pure emotion
Third of May, 1808
Goya. 1814-1815.
The Raft of the \"Medusa\"
Gericault. 1818-1819.

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