Glossary of Vocabulary for College C Unit 1

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gripe (v.)
to grumble or complain strongly

hint: always verbal
remonstrate (v.)

to protest, object, or complain

hint: physical
discountenance (v.)

to frown on, discourage, or disapprove

hint: not as aggressive
admonish (v.)

to caution against, advise, or warn mildly

hint: not quite an action
upbraid (v.)
to scold forcefully or criticize severly

hint: you can upbraid only a person
reprehend (v.)

reprehensible, reprimand
to find fault with, or voice disapproval of

hint: only an action
rebuke (v.)
to criticize or reprimand severely
reproof (v.)

an expression of disapproval or a mild reprimand

hint: constructive criticism
recrimination (n.)

a countercharge or counteraccusation
carp (v.)
to talk complainingly or find fault
gibe (v.)

to taunt, mock, or tease sarcastically
twit (v.)
to taunt, gibe, or ridicule lightly, especially by reminding someone of a fault or weakness
chaff (v.)
to make fun of in a good natured way
raillery (n.)

light and good-natured teasing, ridicule, or satire
lampoon (v.)
to ridicule or satirize in writing
burlesque (n.)
any broadly comic or satirical imitation
travesty (n.)
a grotesque imitation or ridiculous distortion

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