Glossary of Virus and Eukaryotic Diseases

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Varicella zoster
chicken pox / shingles

direct contact/coughs&sneezes

herpes simplex
oral or genital herpes
variola virus
flu, scarring

measles virus
measles or rubeola
rash, cough, runny nose >pneumonia

german measles virus
rubella / german measles

mild rash
mother>child, birth defects

mumps virus
mumps- swelling of salivary glands, testicular swelling
polio virus
polio- paralysis, muscle atrophy
contaminated food/water
influenza virus
flu- fever, muscle pain, headache, runny nose, sore throat -> pneumonia


cold virus
common cold


rotavirus / diarrhea
severe diarrhea in kids, dehydration
ingestion of contaminated food/water

Hep A virus
Hep A- acute liver damage and jaundice

contaminated food/water

Hep B virus
Hep B- acute and chronic liver damage, could be severe
bodily fluids, sexual contact
Dengue virus
dengue fever- fever, malaise -> hemorrhagic fever and shock

mosquito bite

Trchomonas vaginalis
vaginitis-itching and burning

intercourse, toilets, towels

giardia lamblia
giardiasis- diarrhea
ingesting contaminated water, raw contaminated food, ingesting from surfaces
amoeba proteus
ambebiasis- diarrhea
cysts in feces- get from contaminated water, food, surfaces
malaria-high fevers, anemia, affects red blood cells
via mosquitoes
trypanosoma gambiense
trypanosoma rhodesiense
sleeping sickness-swollen lymph nodes, organ failure, sleep for days then manic
Tse-tse mosquito
trypanosoma cruzi
chagas disease-swollen area near bite, after ten years heart tissue damage
Kissing bug- Latin america
toxoplasma gondii
toxoplasmosis-in fetus=hydrocephaly, mental retardation, miscarriage
contaminated meat, cats to humans, mother to child
taenia solium
taenia saginata
tapeworms- worms in stool, cysticercosis (cysts in organs)
undercooked meat
child worms- itchy rectal area at night
from soil or contaminated food
ascaris lumbricoides
roundworms- intestinal blockage, perforation of lungs
contaminated food, water, veggies

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