Glossary of Vinion's hormone quiz

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Follicle stimulating hormone. Induces the development of the ovarian follicle (estrogen)
Luteinizing hormone. Stimulates ovulation and formation of corpus luteum. Stimulates synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Stimulates the synthesis and secrestion of thyroid hormones, which regulate the rate of metabolism
Human Growth Hormone. Stimulates protein synthesis and general body growth.
Stimulates secretion of adrenal cortical hormones, work to maintain electrolytic homeostasis in body
Prolactin (AP)
Controls production of milk, inhibits ovulation, mammary glands
Antidiuretic Hormone. Stimulates water reabsorption in the collecting ducts of the nephrons
Oxytocin (PP)
Stimulates uterine contraction and milk ejection for breastfeeding.
Thyroxin (thyroid)
Controls rate of metabolism and physical development.
Calcitonin (thyroid)
Lowers blood calcium.
Thymosin (thymus)
Stimulates formation of anibodies, T lymphocytes
Parathyroid (PTH)
Raises blood calcium
Mineralcorticoids (adrenal)
Reabsorb sodium and excrete potassium to kidneys
Glucocorticoids (Adrenal)
Raise blood glucose levels
Epinephrine (Adrenal)
Raises blood glucose level, increases metabolic activity. "fight or flight"
Insulin (pancreas)
Secreted in response to high blood glucose to promote glycogen production. Lowers blood sugar.
Glucagon (pancreas)
Stimulates conversion of glycogen into glucose. Raises blood sugar.
Progesterone (ovary)
Regulates menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Uterine lining growth.
Estrogen (ovary)
Stimulates development of sex characteristics in women. Induces release of LH.
Androgen/Testosterone (Testes)
Development of sex characteristics in men.
Melatonin (pineal gland)
Biological rhythms
Adrenal hormone, acts on distal tubules of kidney to help reabsorption of Na and flow of water from filtrate.
Enzyme breaks down stache sin diet (mouth and small intestine)
Mix of substances produced in liver, stored in gall bladder, breaks down fats.
Enzyme in small intestine breaks down peptide bonds.
Enzyme digests fats in small intestines.
Maltase, sucrase, lactase
Carbohydrate digesting enzymes of small intestines.
Enzyme digests peptidases of small intestines.

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