Glossary of Vermont reptiles & amphibians

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Shallowly domed carapace with strongly toothed posterior margin; plastron narrow, leaving the turtle always partially exposed. Gray/brown with no colorful markings, spots, or stripes
Still or slow-moving water with soft bottom and emergent vegetation.
Chelydra serpentina

Snapping Turtle

Slightly domed solid green to black carapace, scutes outlined in lighter green or off-white, smooth with no keel. Plastron is wide, solid yellow or yellow with a dark irregular central blotch. Skin is green with yellow spots and stripes including two dist
Chrysemys picta

Painted Turtle

Slightly domed, smooth gray-green carapace with a strong central keel and off-white lines that resemble topographic lines on a map. Posterior margin is both toothed and flared. Plastron wide and usually pale yellow. Skin dark green to black with pale yell
Graptemys geographica

Map Turtle

Reddish-brown blotches outlined in black become darker with age. White "Y" (which may be complete or broken) on back of head. Ventral white and black checkerboard pattern. Smooth scales.
Lampropeltis triangulum


Reddish-brown blotches on cream background darken with age to almost solid black. Ventral white or yellow and black with red crescents. Heavily keeled scales.
Lowland shallow wetlands with emergent vegetation and nearby rocks.
Nerodia sipedon

Northern Watersnake

Brown or dark gray with three off-white spots on the back and each side of the neck, sometimes joined into a ring. Ventral red. Keeled scales.
Woodlands with small openings and lots of cover at mid- to high elevation.
Storeria occipitomaculata

Red-bellied Snake

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