Glossary of Verbs that require prepositions

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Created by bosilikaan

aprender a
to learn
atreverse a
to dare
ayudar a
to dare
bajara a
to go down (to a place)
comenzar (ie) a
to begin
ensenar a
to teach
invitar a
to invite
ir(se) a
to go; leave
negarse (ie) a
to refuse
obligar a
to oblige, force
salir a
to leave to
venir (ie) a
to come
volver (ue) a
to do something again
acadar de
to have just
acordarse de
to remember
alegrarse de
to be glad
arrepentirse (ie, i) de
to regret; be sorry
asegurarse de
to assure oneself
avergonzarse (ue) de
to be ashamed
cansarse de
to get tired
cesar de
to cease to
dejar de
to cease
encargarse de
to take charge (care) of
estar cansado/a de
to be tired
estar seguro/a de
to be sure
jactarse de
to brag about
olvidarse de
to forget
tener (ie) miedo de
to fear
tratarse de
to be a question of
contar (ue) con
count on, rely on
sonar (~ on the n) (ue) con
to dream of
sonamos con (~ on the n)
we dream of
consentir (ie, i) en
to consent to
insistir en
insist on
pensar (ie) en
think of
quedar en
to agree to
tardar + (period of time) + en
to take (period of time) to

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