Glossary of Understanding weather (need to work on Part 2)

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what causes changes in the weather?
What causes changes in the weather is High and low pressures along with the jet stream.
describe an Nimbostratus cloud.
the nimbostratus cloud brings continous rain. This cloud also forms in layers and is very dark and covers large amounts of the sky. The Nimbostratus clouds has low altitude and forms when when large air masses gently rise.
describe A Cumulus cloud
They are puffy white clouds that have flat bottoms. Cumulus clouds form when warm air rises and cools. Theses clouds generally indicate fair weather but when the clouds get bigger they produce thunderstorms
Describe A Stratus cloud.
Stratus clouds form in layer they cover large areas of the sky often blocking the sun. These clouds can be caused by gentle lifting a large body of air in to the atmosphere.
Describe a Cirrus cloud.
Cirrus clouds are thing feather white clouds found at high altitude These clouds form when the wind is strong. If Cirrus clouds get thicker they indicate a change in weather is coming.
Describe a altocumulus clouds.
Theses clouds are eather banded together or rounded in formation. The Altocumulus cloud looks like pile of cotten balls. Often theses clouds have shadows of dark areas sometimes signalng that bad weather is aproacing. These clouds are made of ice.
Describe a Altostratus cloud.
they are middle height clouds that are spread out. They are thing layered sunlight is often visible through Altostratus cloud. Theses clouds form when a front of warm moist air meets a body of cold air.

Describe a Cirrostratus cloud.
are thin usually composed of ice crstals and are capable of forming hale When the cirrostratus cloud covers the whole sky it may indicate moisture.
Tell how a cyclone and an Anticyclone are different.
on difeerence is an AAnticylone has higher pressures while cyclone has lower pressure. The second difference is Cyclones cause stormy weather while anticyclones cause cooler crier air. The third difference is that anticyclones wind moves clockwise whille cyclones winds move counter clockwise. The last difference is that ccyclones air masses comes togethe and rises while anticyclons air moves apart nd sinks.

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